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Alert on TV aerials scam over switch to digital.

HOUSEHOLDERS are being warned about a city scam where unnecessary television aerials are fitted to people's homes.

A leaflet giving misleading information about the digital television switchover is being delivered to homes.

It says every television will need to be converted or upgraded to a digital aerial costing pounds 55.

But the majority of homes will not require a new aerial according to Digital UK, the independent organisation overseeing the UK's digital TV switchover.

A spokesman warned householders to be wary about rogue operators cashing in on the confusion.

"Most people will not need a new aerial, so this leaflet is misleading. It sounds like a money-making scam and people should be careful. If the work doesn't need doing, then it is going to be an expensive mistake.

"We have had other reports like this where a few rogue aerial operators give the industry a bad name."

A standard aerial should be perfectly good for picking up digital signals, and the only homes which need a new aerial are those with a poor analogue signal.

The north west will make the digital switch in the autumn of 2009.

The UK's old television broadcast signal, known as analogue, is being switched off and replaced with a digital signal.

Ring the Digital UK helpline on 0845 6505050 or log on to wwwdigitaluk
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 16, 2007
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