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Alert Level Raised Nationwide as PA Terrorists Step Up Attacks.


Police increased alert levels throughout the country on Monday following a = deadly suicide bombing in Dimona and an escalation in attacks on motorists = by Palestinian Authority terrorists.

There will be a heavier police presence in crowded public areas Monday and = Tuesday, along with intensified law enforcement operations aimed at catchin= g illegal entrants from PA-controlled areas. In the western Negev, IDF sold= iers were deployed Monday night to search for two Gaza Arabs who had report= edly managed to penetrate Israel by way of the Egyptian border. Defense off= icials have expressed concern that additional terrorists may have infiltrat= ed Israel from the Sinai Peninsula.

PA terrorists opened fire on an Israeli vehicle on the road between Far Sab= a and the Jewish communities of Cadmium and Gigot Shoran in Samaria on Mond= ay evening. No one was injured in the shooting, but the incident represents= a sharp escalation over previous stone-throwing attacks on Israeli vehicle= s in the region. Several cars were stoned Sunday and Monday, causing extens= ive damage.

Jewish residents in the area said they are frustrated by the ongoing attack= s. A flier was discovered near the Arab village of Amount Monday warning th= e community that Jews will begin shooting if the stoning continue.

An Israeli motorist was lightly injured when PA attackers threw rocks at ca= rs near Hebron on Monday night. The victim, an Israeli Arab, was wounded in= the eye by shards of glass from a shattered windshield. In other PA terror= ist attacks, Israeli vehicles were targeted by firebombs on Monday northeas= t of Ramallah and between Yasir and Revive. An Israeli bus was pelted with = stones on Monday evening near Ramallah, as well. No injuries were reported = in the latter incidents.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Feb 5, 2008
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