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Corporate Description

Algea was founded in 1937 on the basis of a strong intuition that the use of seaweed for nutrition had great potential. This prompted pioneering activity at the extreme northern latitudes of Norway and just beyond the boundaries of the Arctic Circle, where the ecosystem is still intact and uncontaminated by human presence. Algea has been collecting this unique seaweed for more than 70 years.

Major Products/Services

Ascophyllum Nodosum, is a seaweed that harbours exceptional nutrients that grows where the environment is pure and pristine and the sound of nature is the only audible noise. Immersed in the frigid Norwegian waters in winter and exposed continuously to the force of the sun in summer, this seaweed gathers natural elements of the highest purity and quality.

AlgeaFood products intended for human nutrition come solely from seaweed harvested directly from Algea. Thanks to the presence of iodine, polyphenols, mannitol, vitamins, minerals and alginates, AlgeaFood products are ideal ingredients for functional foodstuffs and dietary supplements.


The traditional methods of harvesting and drying Ascophyllum Nodosum are now part of the scientific and technological know-how of Valagro.



Today, the entire process is conducted following not only the strict Norwegian regulations, but also the HACCP international procedures reinforcing the protection of the natural virtues of Ascophyllum Nodosum.


Algea has always invested in R&D, creating highly innovative solutions with the aim of satisfying the various expectations of its customers.

Markets Served

Algea serves four markets: ingredients for human nutrition (food supplements and functional foods), ingredients for animal nutrition, cosmetics, and fertilization.


Algea AS

PO Box 2143 Lokkemyra,

N-6502 Kristiansund,


* T. + 47 71 58 09 50

* F. +47 71 58 09 51



* No. of Employees: 30

* Year Founded: 1937

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