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Otsuka Pharmaceutical's new drug could change the way Japan treats alcoholism. Oct 19, 2017 240
Advanced Recovery Systems Partners with Miss Florida to Educate Students about Substance Abuse and Addiction. Oct 17, 2017 988
Maya's brave words on dad. Watts The Goss. Oct 8, 2017 126
Maya's brave words on dad; Watts The Goss. Oct 8, 2017 131
'Authorities could have done more to help our son' PARENTS OF MAN WHO DIED FROM ALCOHOL ABUSE SAY HE WAS LET DOWN. Oct 4, 2017 476
United States : NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator points the way to quality treatment. Oct 4, 2017 724
NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator points the way to quality treatment. Oct 3, 2017 886
Estate 'lives in fear of violence and open drug dealing' CALLS FOR TOUGHER ACTION OVER THREATS AND 'BRAZEN' BEHAVIOUR. Sep 30, 2017 625
New Jersey Medically Supervised Addiction Treatment Facility Summit Behavioral Health Sponsors Drug Prevention Walk. Sep 26, 2017 484
8th International Conference on Addictive Disorders and Alcoholism. Conference news Sep 25, 2017 168
Services For The Treatment Of Drug And Alcohol Addictions. Sep 21, 2017 173
Northamptonshire County Council Services For The Treatment Of Drug And Alcohol Addictions. Sep 21, 2017 108
United States : Wolf Administration Helpline for Addiction Assistance Continues Path of Substantial Growth. Sep 16, 2017 335
Pilot Project Providing Support To Women With An Alcohol Problem, To Reduce Risks, In Particular During Pregnancy. Sep 12, 2017 101
Tragic Rhys Meyers was denied medical help in Ireland TWICE; Booze battle star let down by system claims actress wife. Sep 11, 2017 394
Alcohol killed my dad, MSP tells Parly. Sep 8, 2017 275 Announces Website Enhancements and Content Expansion. Sep 7, 2017 536
Pp17008 Drug And Alcohol Service. Sep 7, 2017 174
Now, beat your booze addiction at low cost. Sep 6, 2017 398
Drug And Alcohol Detoxification Service In A Residential Setting - Market Testing. Sep 5, 2017 138
Mel B's ex accuses her of cocaine and alcohol abuse. Sep 3, 2017 232
Into Action Recovery Centers is "Open" and Providing Treatment Options for Those Suffering from Drug or Alcohol Addiction. Sep 2, 2017 346
ON NOTABLE BOOKS IN OUR HISTORY. Susec, Tanja Sep 1, 2017 411
High price to combat alcoholism; COMMENT Park House, 191 - 197 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Aug 30, 2017 222
1-in-3 teenage girls worry about being stalked by stranger. Aug 30, 2017 275
My son says I should go back on the booze to find a man; MODEL ALISON ON BEING SINGLE AND STAYING HAPPY Troubled star turns life around as wellness guru. Aug 27, 2017 983
United States : Event registration opens for National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week. Aug 24, 2017 836
Australia : No Time for False Health Messaging. Aug 16, 2017 360
Melissa Smith Joins Malibu Beach Recovery Centers As New Clinical Director. Aug 14, 2017 644
Laguna Treatment Hospital Recognized for Providing Gold Standard of Care. Aug 10, 2017 536
Man caught four times over drink drive limit. Aug 3, 2017 433
5 States Where Heavy Drinking is Common. Aug 2, 2017 527
Alcohol abuse: A hidden cost of weight-loss surgery? Brief article Aug 1, 2017 155
Drunks: An American History. Buhle, Willis M. Book review Aug 1, 2017 449
Gay, fabulous, and drinking myself to death: it's time to stop confusing alcohol abuse with gay pride. Curry, Tyler Aug 1, 2017 852
Neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt on alcohol, LSD, and getting sacked for his findings. Weissmueller, Zach Interview Aug 1, 2017 701
Excessive attachment to objects can be dangerous. Jul 31, 2017 1152
The real cost of cheap alcohol; HEALTH EXPERTS SAY 2,500 PEOPLE IN NORTH EAST WILL DIE FROM LIVER PROBLEMS. Jul 26, 2017 614
Leading Treatment Center Cliffside Malibu Launches Free Webinar Series on Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Jul 24, 2017 510
LINKIN PARK ROCKER FOUND HANGED; Lead singer and dad of six commits suicide aged 41. Jul 21, 2017 273
LINKIN PARK STAR IS FOUND HANGED; Lead singer Chester in suicide at home. Jul 21, 2017 325
linkin park star is found hanged; Lead singer Chester in suicide at home. Jul 21, 2017 346
United States : NIH-funded mouse study sheds light on neural risks associated with prenatal alcohol exposure. Jul 21, 2017 758
United States : NIH findings link aldosterone with alcohol use disorder. Jul 18, 2017 848
One-stop shop to help folks like Jill. Jul 17, 2017 1340
Weed out the real criminals - and leave the harmless alone; MY SHOUT. Jul 14, 2017 439
Nelsan Ellis` family reveals circumstances of 'True Blood's actor death. Jul 11, 2017 360
Nelsan Ellis' struggled with alcohol addiction prior to his death. Jul 11, 2017 404
Military sexual trauma can put victims at alcoholism risk. Jul 9, 2017 432
Irish booze abuse crisis; 56,000 treated for drink problems over six years. Jul 4, 2017 241
Real bottle needed for booze fight; COMMENT Park House, 191 - 197 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Editorial Jul 4, 2017 216
An anti-inflammatory medication may help with alcohol rehab. Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 250
Divorce and widowhood: A risk for alcohol abuse disorder: new research shows th at people who are married tend to abuse alcohol less than their divorced or widowed counterparts. Jul 1, 2017 399
Help avoid alcohol abuse disorder. Blazer, Dan Jul 1, 2017 182
Mind & memory. Jul 1, 2017 497
Cognitive functioning in Wernicke's encephalopathy following chronic alcoholism. Swain, Sarada Prasanna; Behura, Sushree Sangita Report Jul 1, 2017 3644
How you can help a loved one beat their addiction; As Ant McPartlin checks into rehab to treat drug and alcohol addiction and depression, KATE WHITING asks the experts how to help a loved one battling similar problems. Jun 30, 2017 597
How you can help a loved one beat their addiction; As Ant McPartlin checks into rehab to treat drug and alcohol addiction and depression, KATE WHITING asks the experts how to help a loved one battling similar problems. Jun 29, 2017 597
How you can help a loved one beat their addiction; As Ant McPartlin checks into rehab to treat drug and alcohol addiction and depression, KATE WHITING asks the experts how to help a loved one battling similar problems. Jun 27, 2017 565
How you can help a loved one beat their addiction. Jun 27, 2017 593
New Greenhouse CEO Plans to Combat Drug Epidemic by Providing High-Quality Treatment. Jun 22, 2017 608
5 findings from the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Barometer: alcohol misuse remains an issue. Miller, Julie Jun 22, 2017 320
How Carrie Fisher fought her demons, and helped others. Jun 21, 2017 1333
How you can help your partner tackle addiction. Jun 21, 2017 489
TWEETS & POSTS. Jun 19, 2017 217
TAVAD Ultra Rapid Alcohol Detoxification Improves Rehabilitation in 8 Out of 10 Patients One Year Later. Jun 19, 2017 453
Parents Speaking Out Against Addiction Launches Family Support Website. Jun 15, 2017 513
Pulse Nightclub Shooting: Study Finds Perception of Substance, Alcohol Abuse as Coping Mechanism Drove Actual Use. Jun 9, 2017 743
United States : Where to look for new treatments for alcoholism? The matrix. Jun 2, 2017 497
Sovereign Health Offers June Continuing Education Opportunities. Jun 1, 2017 510
Employee Alcohol & Drug Abuse: How to Enforce Policies Without Violating ADA. May 31, 2017 413
CNS Cluster Addiction Drug Development Pipeline Review, 2017. May 29, 2017 707
CNS Cluster Addiction Drug Development Pipeline Review 2017: Focus on Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Nicotine Addiction & Opioid Addiction - Research and Markets. May 29, 2017 866
CNS Cluster Addiction Drug Development Pipeline Review 2017: Focus on Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Nicotine Addiction & Opioid Addiction - Research and Markets. May 29, 2017 906
Death not suspicious; VICTIM OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE. May 27, 2017 346
Gazza and I have fought alcoholism. We share more than that tackle; GARY CHARLES ON THE 91 FINAL AND HIS HOPES FOR GASCOIGNE. May 24, 2017 639
Provision Of Pilot Project Providing Support To Women With An Alcohol Problem, To Reduce Risks, In Particular During Pregnancy. May 24, 2017 235
Comparative study of prevalence of H. pylori in patients with Functional Dyspepsia in alcoholics and non-alcoholics. Bala, Vignesh R.; Kannan, R.; Karthik, Manoj Report May 18, 2017 2063
Egalet Announces ARYMO(TM) ER Data Published in Journal of Opioid Management and American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. May 17, 2017 4037
Australia : Making Our Community Safer Issues Paper Released. May 16, 2017 446
United States : New NIAAA strategic plan aims to advance alcohol research across a broad spectrum of areas. May 16, 2017 540
Credentialed Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Counselors. May 14, 2017 277
Australia : Delivering on Election Commitments with the BDR. May 11, 2017 143
Brad Pitt opens up about alcohol dependency and split with Angelina. May 4, 2017 404 Releases Infographic on Most Common Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. Apr 27, 2017 304
Australia : Tackling Alcohol Abuse - Expert Panel Announced. Apr 26, 2017 627
Evaluating and monitoring drug and alcohol use during child custody disputes: assess substance use, recommend treatment, prepare a monitoring plan. Westreich, Laurence M. Report Apr 1, 2017 3275
SAMHSA modifies drug and alcohol abuse regulations. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 152
Bottled emotions: Rachel*, 15, didn't realize just how devastating alcoholism can be-until she saw it firsthand in her mom. Apr 1, 2017 1754
The truth about alcoholism. Apr 1, 2017 155
Screening for excessive alcohol use and brief counseling of adults--17 states and the district of Columbia, 2014. McKnight-Eily, Lela R.; Okoro, Catherine A.; Mejia, Roberto; Denny, Clark H.; Higgins-Biddle, John; Mar 31, 2017 5884
Treatment that includes marijuana use ignites debate: high Sobriety in West Los Angeles is the latest example of treatment centers using highly polarzing practice. Valentino, Tom Mar 22, 2017 1341
Alcohol-organ interactions: Injury and repair. Molina, Patricia E.; Nelson, Steve; Noronha, Antonio Mar 22, 2017 1523
Pathophysiology of the effects of alcohol abuse on the endocrine system. Rachdaoui, Nadia; Sarkar, Dipak K. Mar 22, 2017 9915
Alcohol misuse and kidney injury: Epidemiological evidence and potential mechanisms. Varga, Zoltan V.; Paloczi, Janos; Pacher, Pal Mar 22, 2017 4829
Multiple symmetric lipomatosis: Madelung's disease. Brunner, Matthew; Palacios, Enrique; Neitzschman, Harold R.; Nguyen, Jeremy Case study Mar 1, 2017 892
Alcohol abuse raises risk of three heart conditions. Mar 1, 2017 194
The frequency of alcohol use in Iranian urban population: The results of a national network scale up survey. Nikfarjam, Ali; Hajimaghsoudi, Saiedeh; Rastegari, Azam; Haghdoost, Ali Akbar; Nasehi, Abbas Ali; Me Survey Feb 1, 2017 5960
Can your plate protect your liver? A plant-based eating plan and a healthy weight help protect this vital organ. McCulloch, Marsha Feb 1, 2017 809
Alcohol and cancer risk: EN weighs in on whether it's still okay to say "cheers" or just skip it to reduce cancer risk. Collins, Karen Feb 1, 2017 829
Factors related to internalization of stigma for alcohol dependence among Korean men. Yul Lyu, Kyoung; Lee, Kyunghee; Bejerano, Ivy Lynne Report Jan 1, 2017 7682
Delirium due to sepsis-associated encephalopathy mimicking alcohol withdrawal delirium. Liu, Li-Yuan; Chen, Chih-Kang; Mao, Wei-Chung; Tzeng, Nian-Sheng Case study Jan 1, 2017 1407
Group G streptococcal bacteremia secondary to a burn wound infection. Deichmann, Paige; Sura, Amol; Sanders, Charles; Aravindakshan-Patel, Nisha; Lopez, Fred Case study Jan 1, 2017 2846
Factores de riesgo cardiovascular en adolescentes de una ciudad del paraguay. Real Delor, Raul; Elizabeth Duarte, Sandra; Lopez, Nelson Report Jan 1, 2017 4362
Secretary Gary Tennis: Surgeon General's Report on Addiction Helps Galvanize Action in Opioid Epidemic. Report Nov 23, 2016 1053
Fitness scheme helped man recover from drink. Nov 19, 2016 220
Australia : Wool industry stakeholders come together to improve workplace health and safety in shearing sheds. Nov 17, 2016 390
South Africa : Mthatha Community welcomes the National Liquor Amendment Bill. Nov 17, 2016 347
Retrospective descriptive study on pattern of injuries, mode of accident, mortality and alcohol association in road traffic accidents for 3 years 2013-2015 in government Vellore medical college hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu--institutional study in tertiary care centre. Soundarapandiyan, R.; Rajavelu, R.; Udhayasankar, V. Report Nov 17, 2016 1658
Inmate's family files notice of lawsuit. Nov 16, 2016 577
Would letting our teenagers tipple help tackle the country's boozing problems? Nov 12, 2016 187
Alcoholism charity to target Sikh community; OFFER OF SUPPORT AND ADVICE ON 'TABOO SUBJECT'. Nov 11, 2016 366
Sheila hits the right note in fight against alcohol abuse. Nov 11, 2016 442
Military veterans 'gutted' at closure of rehab farm. Nov 8, 2016 519
NHS PLAN DON'T SELL BOOZE UNTIL 5PM; Move to fight alcoholism. Nov 7, 2016 180
he never appeared drunk, HE WAS NEVER VIOLENT, HE WAS SIMPLY MY DAD; Bethan reveals what it's like to have a father with a long-term addiction to alcohol to highlight the scale of the problem in Wales. Nov 6, 2016 795
Inquest told how dying man was targeted by thief. Nov 5, 2016 374
As he lay dying in the street they rifled through his pockets; FAMILY TOLD OF CALL TO POLICE. Nov 4, 2016 378
Advanced Recovery Systems Partners with Miss Florida to Educate Students about Substance Abuse and Addiction. Nov 1, 2016 1027
Impaired flying targeted: the FAA wants to increase pilot awareness of impairment by alcohol, drugs and fatigue. Nov 1, 2016 1443
Gene and tonic. Brief article Oct 29, 2016 121
United States : Dr. Michael E. Charness to deliver 21st Annual Mark Keller Honorary Lecture at the National Institutes of Health. Oct 29, 2016 562
Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Services. Oct 29, 2016 157
United States : Scientists propose neuroscience framework for diagnosing addictions. Oct 28, 2016 540
It's curtains for hopes to end our alcohol problem. Oct 28, 2016 676
Haematological parameters in alcoholics--early detection. Shetty, Sneha; Shetty, Balachandra; Reddy, U. Vivekananda; Anupama, N.; Bhagyalakshmi, K. Report Oct 27, 2016 2364
Action urged on women drinkers; UK BULLETINS. Oct 25, 2016 115
New Addiction Treatment Center Opens in Lantana, Florida. Oct 24, 2016 291
Loaded pays off with monetary clarity. Leach, Michael Oct 21, 2016 859
Ex-Blues man opens up about his battle with alcohol dependency. Oct 20, 2016 175
Ireland : Allergan Demonstrates Continued Commitment to Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea Management with Two Poster Presentations at ACG 2016. Oct 15, 2016 286
SyBil-AA: Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction: Modeling and validating disease state networks in human and animal brains for understanding pathophysiolgy, predicting outcomes and improving therapy. Oct 14, 2016 489
Cheers... Britain's second only boozefree bar is set to open on Tyneside; We've a reputation as a harddrinking region - but that means alcohol problems. Is this the start of a recovery? Oct 11, 2016 1027
Anti-alcohol scare stories; Letters. Oct 4, 2016 176
'Girl on the Train': Gripping thriller on alcoholism and mystery. Oct 3, 2016 460
United States : Governor Cuomo announces Grand Opening of $3.6 Million Addiction Treatment Center for Women in the Southern Tier. Oct 1, 2016 903
Recover Alaska. Anderson, Tasha Oct 1, 2016 101
Risk factors for road traffic accidents with head injury in Aligarh. Urfi; Amir, Ali; Khalil, Salman; Hoda, Md. Fakhrul Report Oct 1, 2016 2805
Diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: are the new guidelines comprehensive or overly broad? Koren, Gideon Oct 1, 2016 860
Leveraging what is available. Ebbert, Jon O. Oct 1, 2016 402
Sporotrichosis-associated hospitalizations, United States, 2000-2013. Gold, Jeremy A.W.; Derado, Gordana; Mody, Rajal K.; Benedict, Kaitlin Oct 1, 2016 2448
El consumo abusivo de alcohol en inmigrantes latinoamericanos participantes en programas de intervencion para maltratadores: importancia de la adherencia al tratamiento. Lila, Marisol; Gracia, Enrique; Catala-Minana, Alba; Santirso, Faraj A.; Romero-Martinez, Angel Oct 1, 2016 8581
United States : Drug to treat alcohol use disorder shows promise among drinkers with high stress. Sep 30, 2016 522
Alcoholism on the Rise In the United States as Binge Drinking Becomes Popularized. Sep 30, 2016 574
Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Prevention, Education And Treatment - 2017. Sep 22, 2016 124
United States : Citrix Solutions Provide Employees at The Watershed with Greater Mobility and Quicker Access to Crucial Patient Data. Sep 15, 2016 528
Drink & drugs took hold of football fan. Sep 14, 2016 194
Everyday Recovery Campaign Celebrates the Stories of People Overcoming Addiction. Sep 14, 2016 565
Charity hopes to save lives with campaign. Sep 12, 2016 194
Provision For Community Coalitions. Sep 9, 2016 160
Rats offer DNA clues to alcoholism: hundreds of genes involved in drinking, new study finds. Saey, Tina Hesman Sep 3, 2016 500
Complete gastroesophageal obstruction by food bolus. Kragha, K.O. Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 2538
FASD: new guidelines are predicted to broaden early intervention. Chitnis, Deepak Sep 1, 2016 725
New guidelines more expansive, comprehensive. Chambers, Christina Sep 1, 2016 332
Alcoholism and its treatment approach from a citizen perspective/El alcoholismo y su abordaje desde una perspectiva ciudadana. Gual, Antoni; Arbesu, Jose Angel; Zarco, Jose; Lopez-Pelayo, Hugo; Miquel, Laia; Bobes, Julio Sep 1, 2016 7862
Altitud geografica de residencia y dependencia alcoholica en pobladores peruanos. Quinones-Laveriano, Dante Manuel; Espinoza-Chiong, Cesar; Scarsi-Mejia, Ottavia; Rojas-Camayo, Jose; Sep 1, 2016 5518
Are services to treat substance misuse problems fit for purpose? Only 13% of patients were successfully treated for drug and alcohol misuse, according to latest figures. Health correspondent Mark Smith looks at the data and what it means. Aug 25, 2016 628
New York State Office Of Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Services St. Lawrence Addiction Treatment Center Sprinkler, Fire Alarm And Co Detection Upgrad. Aug 22, 2016 140
New York State Office Of Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Services St. Lawrence Addiction Treatment Center Sprinkler, Fire Alarm And Co Detection Upgrades. Aug 21, 2016 184
Awareness, Education And Mass Campaign On Ill Effects Of Drugs, Alcoholism And Substance Use In Any Form In All Educational Blocks In Himachal Pradesh. Aug 16, 2016 120
Philippines : Regional rehabilitation and treatment centers for drug and alcohol dependents. Aug 11, 2016 379
Provision Of Medical Services To Employees Of The Ra Buz Republican Hospital Specialty Psychiatry And Psychiatry, Drug And Alcohol Abuse In The Framework Of The Annual Periodic Medical Examination. Aug 9, 2016 108
Open Forest Announces Complimentary Trial of their Problem Drinking Self Help Course. Aug 5, 2016 514
ARMY BRASS CRACKDOWN ON BOOZING IN BARRACKS; CALLING TIME BAR OPENING HOURS CUT Bid to tackle alcohol problem at bases after shocking video of squaddies' drunken initiation ceremony. Aug 4, 2016 524
Opioid use through the roof. Aug 1, 2016 437
Comparative study on early onset and late onset alcohol dependence patients. Karthik, M.S.; Prabhu, N.; Subashini, V.; Balakrishnan, R.; Sathianathan, R. Report Jul 18, 2016 3605
40 years fighting drug and alcohol addiction. Jul 14, 2016 244
'I WAS DRINKING 20 LITRES OF CIDER A DAY' 55-year-old Michael ended up sleeping on the streets, went to prison for theft, and nearly died of liver damage but now he has turned his life around. Jul 10, 2016 794
Study on alcohol and its neurological complications. Jamir, Akumnaro; Ramalingam, A.; Vasumathi, G.; Sujatha, S.M. Report Jul 7, 2016 2913
Sociodemographic and psychiatric characteristics among homicide offenders in Serbia--the province of Vojvodina (1996-2005)/Sociodemografske i psihijatrijske karakteristike pocinilaca ubistva u Srbiji--pokrajini Vojvodini (1996-2005). Gajic, Zoran; Milatovic, Jovan; Golubovic, Boris; Dadasovic, Josip; Ralevic, Sladana; Golubovic, Jag Jul 1, 2016 3469
PAWSS tool identifies alcohol withdrawal syndrome risk. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Jul 1, 2016 848
Health care from the view of male workers with chronic diseases/O cuidado a saude na perspectiva de trabalhadores homens portadores de doencas cronicas/El cuidado de la salud desde el punto de vista de los trabajadores varones portadores de enfermedades cronicas. Yoshida, Valeria Cristina; Andrade, Maria da Graca Garcia Jul 1, 2016 6104
The impacts of drug use on worker's attention capacity/Os impactos na capacidade atencional em trabalhadores usuarios de drogas. de Lima, Oliveira Alves, Jr.; Goncalves, Fernanda Mayrink; Cabral, Renato Wilson Santos; Borges, Liz Jul 1, 2016 2708
Lucy Berrington, MS, is awarded the Research Society on Alcoholism Media Award for outstanding journalistic efforts at Student Health 101. Jun 30, 2016 566
United States : Governor Cuomo Awards $10.5 Million to Support New Centers to Help Those in Recovery From Addiction. Jun 30, 2016 758
Correlation between severity of alcohol dependence with age of onset and family history among urban alcoholics: a cross-sectional study. Palaniappan, Hariharan; James, Alexander Gnanadurai William; Annamalai, Arunkumar Report Jun 30, 2016 5018
A Monday July Fourth may lead to fewer alcohol problems. Jun 27, 2016 667
India : Alcoholism and Substance Abuse have caused havoc in our country as well as across the world, says President. Jun 27, 2016 222
India : President of India to Present National Awards for Outstanding Services in the Field of Prevention of Alcoholism And Substance (Drugs) Abuse. Jun 25, 2016 106
Laryngeal malignancy: a retrospective descriptive analysis. Kumar, G. Vinod; Ramaswamy, Balakrishnan; Nayak, D.R. Report Jun 23, 2016 2081
Setting up and operation of a national helpline for prevention of alcoholism and drug abuse for min of social justice and empowerment. Jun 21, 2016 147
TruNarc Handheld Narcotics ID Devices. Jun 17, 2016 132
Development Of Design And Production Of Printed Materials Aimed At Preventing Drug And Alcohol Abuse. Jun 10, 2016 276
Determination of clinical and socio-demographical differences of adolescents applying to a treatment center with family encouragement or the decision of the probation office and determination of predictive factors in maintaining soberness among probation cases. Yuncu, Zeki; Aydin, Rezzan; Aydin, Cahide; Ozbaran, Burcu; Kose, Sezen Report Jun 1, 2016 6018
Alcohol in primary care. Differential characteristics between alcohol-dependent patients who are receiving or not receiving treatment/El Alcohol en Atencion Primaria. Caracteristicas diferenciales entre los pacientes dependientes del alcohol que han solicitado o no tratamiento. Barrio, Pablo; Miquel, Laia; Moreno-Espana, Jose; Martinez, Alicia; Ortega, Lluisa; Teixidor, Lidia; Jun 1, 2016 5785
Alcohol consumption and abuse among college students: alarming rates among the best and the brightest. Fuertes, Jairo N.; Hoffman, Alexander Report Jun 1, 2016 2578
TAVAD Rehabilitates 90 Percent of Patients Treated for Alcohol Addiction. May 31, 2016 491
Addicted to microbes. Brief article May 28, 2016 146
Europe Alcohol Dependence Market Analysis - Trends, Technologies & Opportunities Report 2016-2020 - Research and Markets. May 20, 2016 502
Europe Alcohol Dependence Market Analysis - Trends, Technologies & Opportunities Report 2016-2020 - Research and Markets. May 20, 2016 542
United States : Governor Cuomo Announces $1 Million in Funding to Connect More New Yorkers to Addiction Services. May 18, 2016 927
Excess mortality tied to alcohol use disorders disentangled. Perlman, William Clinical report May 1, 2016 404
Study of alcohol consumption and its sociodemographic determinants in a tribal village in Mandla district. Tomar, Shashi Prabha; Kasar, Pradeep Kumar; Tiwari, Rajesh; Rajpoot, Surjeet Singh; Nayak, Shubhangi Report May 1, 2016 2245
A study of clinico-pathological parameters in patients of carcinoma larynx. Purohit, Kartikeya; Bist, Sampan Singh; Agarwal, Vinish; Chandra, Smita Report Apr 28, 2016 3458
New Market Research Report: Alcohol Addiction - Pipeline Review, H1 2016. Apr 8, 2016 485
Family & Children's Association and The Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Announce Strategic Partnership. Apr 6, 2016 543
Screening for Mental Health Launches New Screening for National Alcohol Screening Day, April 7. Apr 4, 2016 524
The new face of alcoholism in Canada. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 162
The fatal booze!--triple acid-base disorder in a patient with alcohol intoxication. Kamath, Sangita; Pathak, Saurabh; Yadav, Prabhakar Report Apr 1, 2016 3671
Prescription stimulant misuse, alcohol abuse and disordered eating among college students. Ward, Rose Marie; Oswald, Barbara B.; Galante, Marina Apr 1, 2016 5831
Substance Abuse Treatment Pipeline Dominated by Nicotine and Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Says GBI Research. Mar 29, 2016 704
Substance Abuse Treatment Pipeline Dominated by Nicotine and Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Says GBI Research. Mar 29, 2016 709
Alcohol use among special populations. Larimer, Mary E.; Arroyo, Judith A. Report Mar 22, 2016 1641
Alcohol consumption in demographic subpopulations: an epidemiologic overview. Delker, Erin; Brown, Qiana; Hasin, Deborah S. Report Mar 22, 2016 15138
Social and cultural contexts of alcohol use: influences in a social-ecological framework. Sudhinaraset, May; Wigglesworth, Christina; Takeuchi, David T. Report Mar 22, 2016 9871
Biology, genetics, and environment: underlying factors influencing alcohol metabolism. Wall, Tamara L.; Luczak, Susan E.; Hiller-Sturmhofel, Susanne Report Mar 22, 2016 8729
Alcohol use patterns among urban and rural residents: demographic and social influences. Dixon, Mark A.; Chartier, Karen G. Report Mar 22, 2016 10183
Drinking over the lifespan: focus on early adolescents and youth. Windle, Michael Report Mar 22, 2016 5804
Drinking over the lifespan: focus on college ages. Merrill, Jennifer E.; Carey, Kate B. Report Mar 22, 2016 11018
Drinking over the lifespan: focus on older adults. Barry, Kristen L.; Blow, Frederic C. Report Mar 22, 2016 5205
Nature and treatment of comorbid alcohol problems and post-traumatic stress disorder among American military personnel and veterans. Allen, John P.; Crawford, Eric F.; Kudler, Harold Report Mar 22, 2016 6355
Interprofessional collaborative education for substance use screening: rural areas and challenges. Puskar, Kathryn R.; Lee, Heeyoung; Mitchell, Ann M.; Kane, Irene; Albrecht, Susan A.; Frank, Linda R Report Mar 22, 2016 5108
I'm meant to be strong and save lives but booze made me weak; Violent A&E doc relives her sad descent into alcoholism. Mar 18, 2016 330
I'm meant to be strong and save lives but booze made me weak; Violent A&E doc on her sad descent into alcoholism. Mar 18, 2016 328
Young lawyer problem drinking on the rise: the traditional thinking was exactly the opposite'. Pudlow, Jan Mar 15, 2016 583
Rising number of deaths from alcohol misuse. Mar 9, 2016 388
Services in support of vcno initiatives of reducing alcohol misuse. contractor will provide a speaker to conduct education events at nadap events according to the sow. Mar 4, 2016 102
AT THE height of his alcohol addiction. Mar 3, 2016 272
Factors associated with loss to follow-up during treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, the Philippines, 2012-2014. Tupasi, Thelma E.; Garfin, Anna Marie Celina G.; Kurbatova, Ekaterina V.; Mangan, Joan M.; Orillaza- Mar 1, 2016 9482
Evaluation of interoceptive awareness in alcohol-addicted patients. Ates Col, Isil; Sonmez, Mehmet Bulent; Vardar, Mehmet Erdal Report Mar 1, 2016 5235
Iudicium: An educational intervention for addressing risk perception of alcohol abuse in adolescents/Iudicium: Una intervencion educativa para abordar la percepcion de riesgo del consumo problematico de alcohol en adolescentes. Bajac, Hector; Feliu-Soler, Albert; Meerhoff, Diana; Latorre, Laura; Elices, Matilde Mar 1, 2016 4575
Chronic ethanol consumption-induced hepatotoxicity and protective effect of Boswellia serrata. Subramaniyan, Vetriselvan; Middha, Anil Report Mar 1, 2016 3091
Letters. Letter to the editor Feb 23, 2016 1188
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015. Feb 15, 2016 605
Vital signs: alcohol-exposed pregnancies--United States, 2011-2013. Green, Patricia P.; McKnight-Eily, Lela R.; Tan, Cheryl H.; Mejia, Roberto; Denny, Clark H. Feb 5, 2016 4135
Services in support of the vcno initiatives of reducing alcohol misuse. contractor will provide a speaker to conduct education events at nadap summits according to the statement of work. Jan 22, 2016 105
292 children under 14 treated for drink issues. Jan 18, 2016 701
Victims of booze epidemic. Jan 18, 2016 711
Why nonheterosexual women drink to excess. Jan 1, 2016 593
Brazil's forgotten children: homelessness in the face of the Olympic Games. Monico, Gabriella Jan 1, 2016 1168
Effects of chronic alcoholism in the sensitivity to luminance contrast in vertical sinusoidal gratings. da Cruz, Ellen Dias Nicacio; de Andrade, Michael Jackson Oliveira; Cavalcanti-Gaudino, Melyssa Kelly Jan 1, 2016 3490
Clinical presentation and management of amoebic liver abscess. Naveen, S.; Hariprasad T.R.; Reddy, M. Vishnu Vardhan; Krishnappa, Rohit Clinical report Dec 28, 2015 3142
Edutainment type trainings to include sexual assault prevention (sapr) training suicide prevention drug and alcohol abuse training and domestic violence prevention. Dec 4, 2015 105
U--Sexual assault prevention (sapr) suicide prevention drug and alcohol abuse prevention and domestic violence prevention training. Dec 4, 2015 102
Preventing drinking relapse in patients with alcoholic liver disease: your role is essential in preventing, detecting, and co-managing alcoholic liver disease in inpatient and ambulatory settings. Winder, Gerald Scott; Mellinger, Jessica; Fontana, Robert J. Cover story Dec 1, 2015 4615
Effects of depression on treatment motivation in male alcohol dependence. Cengisiz, Cengiz; Deveci, Artuner; Yapici, Aslihan Report Dec 1, 2015 3900
Asociatia Cluburilor Alcoolicilor in Recuperare (ACAR): 10 years of alcohology in Romania. Alexinschi, Ovidiu-Eugen; Chirita, Vasile Conference notes Dec 1, 2015 311
MP reveals misery of father's addiction to alcohol; EX-MINISTER SPEAKS OF HIS SHAME AS DAD TURNED UP DRUNK IN WESTMINSTER. Nov 24, 2015 660
Market Report, "Alcohol Addiction - Pipeline Review, H2 2015", published. Nov 13, 2015 474
Social worker dupes alcoholics into vasectomy. Nov 10, 2015 466
Alcohol addiction in Oman to be studied. Nov 9, 2015 482
Alcohol Addiction - Pipeline Review, H2 2015. Nov 9, 2015 754
'Half of people have alcohol problem'. Nov 2, 2015 179
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I was so hooked on booze I drank white wine vinegar ..and I nearly tried Windolene; DAD-OF-THREE TELLS OF BATTLE TO BEAT HIS ALCOHOLISM. Sep 17, 2015 975
Tag Team: Seagal, Jones may team up to fight alcohol abuse in Russia. Sep 11, 2015 495
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Alcohol problems on the rise in older drinkers; Alcohol problems on rise in older drinkers. Aug 5, 2015 834
Bid to tackle North's PS911m alcohol problem. Jul 30, 2015 448
Alcohol abuse taskforce is launched. Jul 30, 2015 175
Woman who stole beer from store had alcohol problem. Jul 21, 2015 138
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My Alcoholism. Nebel, Jay S. Poem Jul 1, 2015 225
MediciNova enrols 24 subjects under clinical trial of MN-166 (ibudilast) in alcohol dependence. Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 246
MediciNova enrols 24 subjects under clinical trial of MN-166 (ibudilast) in alcohol dependence. Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 242
Pharmacological interventions for alcohol relapse prevention. Chithiramohan, Anita; George, Sanju Jul 1, 2015 2582
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism starts clinical trial of gabapentin enacarbil. Jun 29, 2015 163
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism starts clinical trial of gabapentin enacarbil. Jun 29, 2015 159
Services for the creation and placement on the Internet and on TV Movie preventive anti-drug abuse, alcohol abuse. Jun 27, 2015 143
Orchid Recovery Center Discusses Patient Hurdles Paying for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment. Jun 23, 2015 966
Alcohol problems costing borough PS433 per person. Jun 23, 2015 600
Making difference in long-term rehab. Jun 22, 2015 726
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200 BABIES FIGHT DRINK AND DRUGS We must take action on the price and availability of alcohol; SHOCKING TOLL OF CHILD ADDICTS Cheap booze blamed as children are born with alcohol dependency. Jun 14, 2015 566
DROP IN ALCOHOL ABUSE TREATMENTS; Numbers seeking help are down 12.3%. Jun 10, 2015 472
A review of co-morbid depression among the patients with alcohol dependence. Kishore, Aman; Manjeera, C.H.; Gopalkrishnan, G.; Bery, Agrim; Ghulam, Ram Jun 8, 2015 2615
Kennedy death linked to alcoholism. Jun 6, 2015 400
Kennedy 'died as a result of his alcoholism'. Jun 6, 2015 461
Kennedy haemorrhage 'caused by alcoholism'. Jun 6, 2015 570
Ultimately Charlie couldn't win long battle with drink. Jun 6, 2015 863
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50 years on, the trailblazer for black footballers is finally honoured; Vile racism, depression and alcoholism... we reveal the incredible, yet heartbreaking story of Leeds United's Albert Johanneson, the first black player ever to appear in an FA Cup Final. May 24, 2015 732
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'I even started drinking at 6.30am .. I've no idea how I afforded it' For many years Linthwaite resident Dave Kennedy had no idea about the devastating effect that alcoholism was having both on himself and on those he loved most. Reporter CHLOE GLOVER hears his story. Apr 13, 2015 1196
My boozing has cost the NHS PS100k ... but I just couldn't stop; Alcoholic mum told: One more drop could kill you. Apr 7, 2015 840
My boozing cost [euro]135k to fix but I don't feel guilty. Apr 7, 2015 930
My boozing cost the NHS PS100k but I don't feel guilty. Apr 7, 2015 956

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