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Alcohol consumption in youth. MARYAM SAJJAD - Turbat Sep 15, 2020 155
Second Annual Regional Sticker Shock Asks Adults to Prevent Underage Drinking. Lauren Hansen Jun 23, 2020 709
Third Annual Regional Sticker Shock Asks Adults to Help Prevent Underage Drinking. Don Bolger Jun 19, 2020 563
Among Adolescents, BDNF and Pro-BDNF Lasting Changes with Alcohol Use Are Stage Specific. Miguez, Maria Jose; Bueno, Diego; Espinoza, Luis; Chan, Wenyaw; Perez, Caroline Mar 1, 2020 5449
Bersatu Youth backs heavier punishment for drunk driving. Jan 25, 2020 429
Epidemiology of Alcohol Use in Late Adolescence in Greece and Comorbidity with Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders. Michalis, Grigorios; Bellos, Stefanos; Politis, Spyridon; Magklara, Konstantina; Petrikis, Petros; S Survey Oct 31, 2019 7542
Alcohol Use among Latinx Early Adolescents: Exploring the Role of the Family. Boyas, Javier F.; Marsiglia, Flavio F. Clinical report Aug 1, 2019 6944
Trait and ability emotional intelligence as predictors of alcohol consumption in adolescents. Gonzalez-Yubero, Sara; Martin, Raquel Palomera; Lazaro-Visa, Susana Jul 1, 2019 5792
Predictive factors of alcohol consumption in adolescents: data from 1-year follow-up prospective study/Factores predictores del consumo de alcohol en adolescentes: datos de un estudio prospectivo de 1 ano de seguimiento. Bousono, Matilde; Al-Halabi, Susana; Buron, Patricia; Garrido, Marlen; Diaz-Mesa, Eva Ma; Galvan, Go Mar 1, 2019 7729
Individual and contextual factors related to binge drinking among adolescents in Spain: a multilevel approach: Factores individuales y contextuales relacionados con el binge drinking en adolescentes espaholes: un enfoque multinivel. Teixido-Compano, Ester; Sordo, Luis; Bosque-Prous, Marina; Puigcorbe, Susanna; Barrio, Gregorio; Bru Mar 1, 2019 7279
Heavy drinking in teens may lead to increased risk for psychological problems. Feb 8, 2019 569
Problems associated with binge drinking among students in Brazil's state capitals/Problemas associados ao binge drinking entre estudantes das capitais brasileiras. Gomes, Karla; Amato, Tatiana de Castro; Bedendo, Andre; dos Santos, Elaine Lucas; Noto, Ana Regina Feb 1, 2019 7531
Alcohol use among high school learners in rural areas of Limpopo province. Maserumule, Olivia M.; Skaal, Linda; Sithole, Sello L. Jan 1, 2019 4410
Prosecutors: Woman held underage drinking parties, sexually abused two teens. Dec 6, 2018 228
Perceived barriers to implementing screening and brief intervention for alcohol consumption by adolescents in hospital emergency department in Spain/Barreras percibidas contra la implementacion en los servicios de urgencias hospitalarios en Espana de un protocolo de cribado de consumo de alcohol e intervencion breve en adolescentes. Falcon, Maria; Navarro-Zaragoza, Javier; Garcia-Rodriguez, Rosa Maria; Nova-Lopez, Daniel; Gonzalez- Sep 1, 2018 5143
Binge drinking dangerous for young adults' heart. Jun 27, 2018 411
Elgin teens post warnings against underage drinking in liquor stores. Jun 16, 2018 189
USPSTF Advises PCPs to Screen Adults for Unhealthy Alcohol Use; Screening, counseling advised for adults, including pregnant women; evidence lacking for teens. Jun 5, 2018 252
Evidence on the nature and extent of alcohol promotion and the consequences for young people's alcohol consumption. Rossen, Isabel; Pettigrew, Simone; Jongenelis, Michelle; Stafford, Julia; Wakefield, Melanie; Chikri May 1, 2018 147
Prospective Associations Between Negative Life Events and Adolescent Alcohol Use. Cheney, Marshall K.; Vesely, Sara K.; Aspy, Cheryl B.; Oman, Roy F.; Tolma, Eleni L. Apr 1, 2018 5893
Adolescent Binge Drinking: Developmental Context and Opportunities for Prevention. Chung, Tammy; Creswell, Kasey G.; Bachrach, Rachel; Clark, Duncan B.; Martin, Christopher S. Report Mar 22, 2018 8885
Association between the risk of alcohol use and unprotected sex in adolescents in a city in the southern region of Brazil. Dallo, Luana; Martins, Raul Aracao Jan 1, 2018 6154
National trends in alcohol consumption in Mexico: results of the National Survey on Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption 2016-2017. Escobar, Esbehidy Resendiz; Gamino, Marycarmen Noemi Bustos; Salazar, Roxana Mujica; Hernandez, Itzi Jan 1, 2018 6636
Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Illegal Substance Abuse among Adolescents in Sri Lanka: Results from Sri Lankan Global School-Based Health Survey 2016. Senanayake, Sameera; Gunawardena, Shanthi; Kumbukage, Mahesh; Wickramasnghe, Champika; Gunawardena, Survey Jan 1, 2018 5928
Binge Drinking among Adolescents: Prevalence, Risk Practices and Related Variables/Consumo intensivo de alcohol en adolescentes: prevalencia, conductas de riesgo y variables asociadas. Golpe, Sandra; Isorna, Manuel; Barreiro, Carmen; Brana, Teresa; Rial, Antonio. Dec 1, 2017 8889
Could Insomnia's Connection To Alcohol Use Pose A New Risk For Teens? Nov 12, 2017 515
Dating violence in teenagers due to parents' alcohol abuse. Oct 21, 2017 476
Current and binge drinking among high school students--United States, 1991-2015. Esser, Marissa B.; Clayton, Heather; Demissie, Zewditu; Kanny, Dafna; Brewer, Robert D. May 12, 2017 2861
Drinkers can relive youth in arcade bar. May 4, 2017 163
Iceland: Iceland has cultivated Europe's cleanest-living teenagers, having dramatically reduced levels of teen drug and alcohol use over the past 20 years. Mar 1, 2017 108
LEAVING CERT BINGE DRINKING WARNING; Parents urged to speak with teens. Aug 16, 2016 275
Alcohol ban fulfils youth's marriage dream. Jul 18, 2016 425
Single-question screen for alcohol use disorder good for rural teens. Cruz, Abigail May 1, 2016 434
Clinical guidelines: Binge drinking in adolescents. Skolnik, Neil; Kiriakov, Yan Mar 1, 2016 823
It's never too late for attentive parenting. Report Oct 15, 2015 400
Youth held for drunken driving without licence. Apr 19, 2015 253
ADHD, conduct disorder boost youth alcohol use, smoking. Nogrady, Bianca Jan 1, 2015 355
Teens who drink alone are more likely to develop alcohol problems as young adults. Dec 1, 2014 361
Do Minimum Wages Really Increase Youth Drinking and Drunk Driving? Sabia, Joseph J.; Pitts, M. Melinda; Argys, Laura Nov 4, 2014 15034
More teens end up in hospitals due to binge drinking during birthdays. Jul 25, 2014 127
Teen drinking on in Delhi pubs despite crackdown. May 6, 2014 405
Influence of social media on alcohol use in adolescents and young adults. Moreno, Megan A.; Whitehill, Jennifer M. Report Mar 22, 2014 7288
Sudden unexplained death in a young adult with known alcohol abuse. McGoey, Robin R.; Newman, William P. Mar 1, 2014 1323
Life of the party. Dec 1, 2013 2031
Teens who drink alone likelier to develop alcohol problems in early adulthood. Nov 19, 2013 238
Binge drinking among teens assuming epidemic proportions. Sep 22, 2013 325
Teen binge drinkers find hard to kick the habit in adulthood. Aug 25, 2013 260
Expert calls for 'legalisation of pot' to reduce harm of binge drinking in teens. Jul 10, 2013 203
Impulsive adolescents likelier to go boozing at early age. Jul 4, 2013 353
Developmental trajectories of alcohol use among monoracial and biracial black adolescents and adults. Clark, Trenette T.; Corneille, Maya; Coman, Emanuel Report Jul 1, 2013 5544
Prevalence and predictors of adolescent alcohol use and binge drinking in the United States. Patrick, Megan E.; Schulenberg, John E. Jun 22, 2013 5941
Plunge death teen fled cops; Parents say Blair was drink-driving. Apr 17, 2013 276
Depressed teens have troubled twenties. Apr 15, 2013 289
Pre-college talk between parents and teens can reduce college drinking. Mar 20, 2013 423
NIH study finds missed opportunities for underage alcohol screening. Report Feb 4, 2013 108
Teens not asked about alcohol use. Anderson, Jane Feb 1, 2013 174
Six pubs shut for serving underage drinkers; LANDLORDS HIT OUT AT 'UNFAIR' STINGS TEEN BOOZE CRACKDOWN. Jan 1, 2013 526
Teens as young as 14 arrested for drink-driving. Dec 31, 2012 472
Middle-aged women consuming more alcohol than teen daughters. Dec 30, 2012 266
Coalition tries to curb youth drinking. Dec 29, 2012 907
Alcohol and marijuana use in youth 'may worsen white-matter integrity'. Dec 15, 2012 603
After Telling Aussies Not to Drink too Much, Gina Rinehart Now Advises Young People Against Taking Overseas Holidays. Dec 6, 2012 511
Why some teenagers are more prone to binge drinking. Dec 4, 2012 501
Some Teens Might Be Wired For Heavy Drinking. Dec 3, 2012 558
How are the kids? Fairchild, Mary Statistical data Dec 1, 2012 366
Scourge of the working glasses; Forget boozy teenagers and street drinkers... stressed out professionals warned over rise in alcohol addictions. Nov 19, 2012 732
Underage teens sold alcohol. Oct 18, 2012 216
Zero-tolerance to teen drinkers. Aug 17, 2012 190
Brain scan may predict teens' heavy drinking. Aug 8, 2012 340
Booze pilot to be used by schools; Programme to reach more pupils. Jul 24, 2012 259
Trends in alcohol prevalence, age of initiation and association with alcohol-related harm among South African youth: implications for policy. Ramsoomar, Leane; Morojele, Neo K. Report Jul 1, 2012 3454
A higher education: the sometimes risky road to college admission. Wallace, Stephen Jul 1, 2012 754
Strengthening the Canadian alcohol advertising regulatory system. Heung, Carly M.; Rempel, Benjamin; Krank, Marvin Report Jul 1, 2012 3370
Fined for buying alcohol for teens. Jun 30, 2012 190
Helping young fight drink and drug demons; Charity launches new support service. Survey Jun 25, 2012 472
Two men jailed for getting teenager drunk and molesting him. Jun 23, 2012 345
Youths waved planks of wood. Jun 20, 2012 268
Alcohol abuse triggers social stress and poor grades among teens. Jun 13, 2012 497
Britain's Youth Bingeing on Online Alcohol. Jun 13, 2012 361
Alcohol pitches getting to youth. Correa, Frances Jun 1, 2012 167
'Alcohol bra' is latest invention used by teens to get drunk at prom. May 4, 2012 486
Religious climate affects gay teens. May 1, 2012 159
Third of kids aged just 13 binge drink. Mar 12, 2012 252
Does the glamour of a martini, shaken not stirred, lead to teenagers hitting bottle as binge drinkers? MOVIES ARE INFLUENCING HABITS, SAYS RESEARCH. Feb 21, 2012 677
Alcohol in movies persuades young teens to take up drinking. Feb 21, 2012 542
TEEN BOYS DRINK 10 PINTS A NIGHT. Feb 19, 2012 154
Teens drinking less, but smoking marijuana more: from a press conference sponsored by The National Institute on Drug Abuse. Splete, Heidi Jan 1, 2012 794
Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among teens. Brief article Dec 14, 2011 137
More young adults hit by liver disease; HEALTH. Dec 3, 2011 140
Booze and our youth; Page 6 Huddersfield Daily COMMENT The policy of honesty. The might of right. The expediency of principle. Nov 30, 2011 240
Substance abuse more prevalent among young adults, expert says. Oct 28, 2011 501
Just a sign of wasted youth; PICK OF THE DAY. Oct 24, 2011 187
Date's friends likelier to influence teens' alcohol consumption than own. Oct 14, 2011 288
2 football party youths are arrested again; Charges include underage drinking. Oct 7, 2011 383
Teens in military families may struggle. Tucker, Charlotte Oct 1, 2011 142
Warning to binge booze teenagers; HeALtH. Sep 26, 2011 126
Teens with large social networks more prone to drink. Sep 22, 2011 198
School-based programs to prevent and reduce alcohol use among youth. Stigler, Melissa H.; Neusel, Emily; Perry, Cheryl L. Report Sep 22, 2011 4397
A review of environmental-based community interventions. Toomey, Traci L.; Lenk, Kathleen M. Report Sep 22, 2011 3197
Engaging communities to prevent underage drinking. Fagan, Abigail A.; Hawkins, J. David; Catalano, Richard F. Report Sep 22, 2011 6791
Milk-drinking teens less prone to type 2 diabetes than non-milk drinkers. Sep 15, 2011 144
Understanding the dimensions of parental influence on alcohol use and alcohol refusal efficacy among African American adolescents. Clark, Trenette T.; Nguyen, Anh B.; Belgrave, Faye Z.; Tademy, Raymond Report Sep 1, 2011 7199
Understanding alcohol consumption and its correlates among African American youths in public housing: a test of problem behavior theory. Lombe, Margaret; Yu, Mansoo; Nebbitt, Von; Earl, Tara Report Sep 1, 2011 6998
Gay and bisexual teens at higher risk for health problems. Sep 1, 2011 655
Fewer teens getting drunk and stoned. Aug 8, 2011 233
Warning to youths over behaviour. Aug 6, 2011 177
The belief that alcohol use is inconsistent with personal autonomy: a promotive factor for younger adolescents. Henry, Kimberly L.; Shtivelband, Annette; Comello, Maria Leonora G.; Slater, Michael D. Report Aug 1, 2011 4969
Teenage drinkers go online more often. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 249
Smoking susceptibility among never-smokers: data from the 2006-07 national youth smoking survey. Yang, Wiworn Sae; Leatherdale, Scott T.; Ahmed, Rashid Report Jul 1, 2011 3693
How binge drinking can cause serious brain damage in young adults. Jun 28, 2011 279
Teen abuse of pills rises; Drugs may be easily found. Jun 26, 2011 1452
Parents influence drinking in teens. Jun 17, 2011 173
Teens Drink Too Much Soda. Jun 17, 2011 262
Young people's disabilities due in large part to psychiatric disorders - Lancet study. Bateman, Chris Jun 1, 2011 225
Scheme to stop youths drinking. May 23, 2011 201
BRITISH GIRLS' BOOZE SHAME; Our teens top binge drink table. Apr 22, 2011 174
Youths' booze seized. Apr 6, 2011 140
Prevalence and Pedagogy: Understanding Substance Abuse in Schools. Salm, Twyla; Sevigny, Phil; Mulholland, Val; Greenberg, Hirsch Apr 1, 2011 7376
Editor's note: know thy--student--selves. Tamdgidi, Mohammad H. Mar 22, 2011 4011
Parental monitoring 'decreases alcohol-related problems in young adults'. Mar 17, 2011 262
Parents important for keeping teens off alcohol. Mar 9, 2011 287
Who can I tell about my mum's booze problem? teen talk. Mar 7, 2011 264
Teen help saves taxpayer cash. Feb 25, 2011 124
Substance use and mental health problems as predictors of HIV sexual risk behaviors among adolescents in foster care. Thompson, Ronald G., Jr.; Auslander, Wendy F. Report Feb 1, 2011 7371
Scheme to tackle underage drinking; Major efforts are being made across the North East to curb the rise of underage drinking. SONIA SHARMA looks at a scheme aiming to steer teens away from alcohol. Jan 10, 2011 701
Illicit substance use among Canadian youth: trends between 2002 and 2008. Hammond, David; Ahmed, Rashid; Yang, Wiworn Sae; Brukhalter, Robin; Leatherdale, Scott Report Jan 1, 2011 5178
Teen arraigned in beating case; Football player injured in assault. Dec 18, 2010 661
Teenagers shun hard drugs - report claims; But cannabis and alcohol use up. Dec 7, 2010 470
ED intervention modestly alters teens' behaviors. Finn, Robert Dec 1, 2010 832
Cut youth booze sales; COMMENT The policy of honesty. The might of right. The expediency of principle. Nov 22, 2010 213
Teen drunkenness up in Eastern Europe, down in the west. Smith, Jennie Nov 1, 2010 827
Teen 'drunkenness' rose in late '90s in Eastern Europe. Smith, Jennie Nov 1, 2010 750
Teen boozing on increase. Oct 24, 2010 120
Welsh teens get a taste for 'ludicrously' cheap alcohol; UNDERAGE DRINKING A GROWING CONCERN. Oct 23, 2010 644
Taming tearaways; KIDS' BOOZE SEIZED IN CRACKDOWN. Oct 11, 2010 488
Teen alcohol abuse can be reduced via ER. Currie, Donya Oct 1, 2010 185
Damaging spell alcohol casts on youth of Wales; RED CROSS RESEARCH SHEDS LIGHT ON YOUNGSTERS' HABITS. Sep 13, 2010 702
Truth about binge drinking revealed; Study of young adults shows worrying signs. Report Sep 8, 2010 710
Early alcohol initiation linked to teen suicide. McNamara, Damian Sep 1, 2010 493
Alcohol use in German adolescents with visual impairments and sighted adolescents. Pinquart, Martin; Pfeiffer, Jens P. Report Sep 1, 2010 4593
Youths who drink wine at family meals less likely to become heavy drinkers. Aug 20, 2010 372
Teens letting booze go to their heads; Binge drinking can damage students' brain functions. Jul 31, 2010 459
Binge drinking is damaging brains of teenagers. Jul 31, 2010 349
Course teaching how to deal with drunk teens hailed a success; PROGRAMME HELPS FAMILIES TACKLE ALCOHOL ISSUES. Jul 24, 2010 624
Tales from the Coffeeshop: 'Grey anniversaries' would offend no one. Jul 18, 2010 2051
Teens drink more before stepping into college life. Jul 8, 2010 325
Young adults low on impulsivity show decline in alcohol consumption. Jun 30, 2010 159
Parenting style can prevent binge drinking in teens. Jun 24, 2010 227
Religious teens less likely to develop problems with alcohol use. Jun 22, 2010 280
Alcohol use, smoking, coffee drinking, linked to migraines in teens. Jun 8, 2010 455
Violencia en el noviazgo y consumo de alcohol y drogas ilegales entre adolescentes y jovenes espanoles. Munoz-Rivas, Marina Julia; Gamez-Guadix, Manuel; Grana, Jose Luis; Fernandez, Liria Report Jun 1, 2010 7611
Student drinking `still major issue'. Apr 30, 2010 622
Project to stop teenage boozing. Apr 16, 2010 252
The effects of advertising, social influences, and self-efficacy on adolescent tobacco use and alcohol consumption. Kinard, Brian R.; Webster, Cynthia Essay Mar 22, 2010 7187
Pot, alcohol use among teens on the rise: US study. Mar 3, 2010 259
Town is Britain's teenage mother capital. Feb 25, 2010 553
Teens in ED: look at 'broader clinical picture'. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2010 741
Reducing underage and young adult drinking: how to address critical drinking problems during this developmental period. Windle, Michael; Zucker, Robert A. Report Jan 1, 2010 12437
Attitudinal and social correlates to recent alcohol use among youth. King, Keith A.; Vidourek, Rebecca A. Jan 1, 2010 8237
Appeal over youth issues; NEWSBRIEF. Dec 30, 2009 89
American Indian youths' perceptions of their environment and their reports of depressive symptoms and alcohol/marijuana use. Nalls, A. Mercedes; Mullis, Ronald L.; Mullis, Ann K. Dec 22, 2009 4951
Underage drink issues make prom venues want to say 'no' Warning as teens buckle under social pressures. Dec 22, 2009 749
Youths battle underage drinking; `Shoulder Tap' sting a warning to community. Dec 11, 2009 467
MALT GEEZERS; Rich teen tipplers ditch Buckie for posh drams. Nov 20, 2009 337
Youth disorder move. Nov 20, 2009 127
Teens sick on alcohol. Nov 12, 2009 132
A polymorphism in the mu-opioid receptor gene OPRM1, which was previously linked to alcoholism in adults, is also associated with alcohol misuse among adolescents, according to research reported in the January 2010 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, now available online. Brief article Nov 9, 2009 277
Invest in youth; YourSay. Nov 5, 2009 424
Community effort good for teen health. Currie, Donya Nov 1, 2009 180
Unwanted teen sex linked to binge drinking, finds Oz study. Oct 21, 2009 376
Substance abuse diagnostic test 'predicts high-risk sexual behavior in teens'. Oct 21, 2009 297
Unwanted teen sex linked to binge drinking, finds Oz study. Oct 18, 2009 376
Substance abuse diagnostic test 'predicts high-risk sexual behavior in teens'. Oct 18, 2009 297
Youth binge crackdown a 'success'. Oct 17, 2009 215
Teen drinking policy certain to be a failure. Oct 8, 2009 226
Youths busted. Oct 6, 2009 109
Girl, 15, banned from centre; Teen given Asbo. Sep 23, 2009 266
Youth beach party to promote clean living. Sep 13, 2009 538
New prevention system may cut teen binge drinking 37pct. Sep 8, 2009 591
Resistencia a la presion de pares y pareja y consumo de tabaco y alcohol en adolescentes. Andrade Palos, Patricia; Perez de la Barrera, Citlalli; Alfaro Martinez, Lilia Bertha; Sanchez Ovied Report Sep 1, 2009 6595
Long working hours may ruin teens' sexual health. Clinical report Aug 27, 2009 420
Cameron's drunk teen confession; INTERVIEW. Aug 25, 2009 174
Oz study shows more young people in hospital for booze-related issues. Aug 15, 2009 321
Smoking, binge drinking should be addressed together in adolescents, say researchers. Aug 9, 2009 469
'Boredom' leads teenagers to drink. Aug 6, 2009 197
'Boredom' leads teenagers to drink. Aug 5, 2009 197
Genes, environment influence alcohol use among teens. Jul 17, 2009 362
Action call over youth drink woes; ALCOHOL. Jul 16, 2009 113
Concern over drinking rates for teenagers; We still have work to do, say health officials. Jul 3, 2009 400
City to tackle teen binge drinking. Jun 24, 2009 206
pounds 1.4m clampdown on young binge drinkers. Jun 23, 2009 514
Cash help to tackle teen binge drink. Jun 23, 2009 186
WARNING AFTER DRUNK LAD, 15, CHOKES ON SICK; Teenager drank five tins of lager at family celebration. Jun 22, 2009 306
make mine a mocktail; It's not just partying teenagers who drink too much - middle class mums and stay at home wine lovers are just as likely to be binge drinkers, according to recent reports. So this weekend, we're going 0% proof with these delicious alcohol-free cocktails. Reprint Jun 20, 2009 585
Getting tough on drinking youths. Jun 18, 2009 225
Cash to help battle teen boozers. Jun 18, 2009 231
Fines for boozed-up teens still on the rise; 93% increase for girls. Jun 16, 2009 376
Youth's booze binge videos. Jun 15, 2009 147
Teens' booze seized; BLITZ: Big haul on single night. May 28, 2009 284
Drug education 'curbs risky sexual behaviour in teens'. Apr 30, 2009 280
Strong bond with parents may keep teens away from alcohol problems. Apr 24, 2009 382
Binge drinking harms teens' brains. Apr 23, 2009 573
Boozing teens on the rise in Wales. Apr 13, 2009 260
There's 'no safe amount' of alcohol for teens, say researchers. Apr 13, 2009 191
TEENS BINGE DRINK SHOCK; Brits among worst underage boozers. Mar 27, 2009 302
UK teens at top of drinking league. Mar 27, 2009 226
Shame for UK in youth drink study; Report shows Britain is third worst offender in Europe. Mar 27, 2009 326
Huge haul after teen booze blitz; Alcohol taken from underage drinkers. Mar 21, 2009 392
Good riddance to drinking den; BIT BY BIT TEENAGERS' LAIR IS REMOVED. Mar 11, 2009 516
A developmental perspective on underage alcohol use. Masten, Ann S.; Faden, Vivian B.; Zucker, Robert A.; Spear, Linda P. Report Jan 1, 2009 8733
Developmental processes and mechanisms: ages 0-10. Zucker, Robert A.; Donovan, John E.; Masten, Ann S.; Mattson, Margaret E.; Moss, Howard B. Report Jan 1, 2009 11546
Underage alcohol use: summary of developmental processes and mechanisms: ages 16-20. Brown, Sandra A.; McGue, Matthew; Maggs, Jennifer; Schulenberg, John; Hingson, Ralph; Swartzwelder, Jan 1, 2009 9446
How to tackle binge drinking among young people. Dec 29, 2008 331
Families, friends, neighbourhoods contribute to teens' alcohol abuse. Dec 3, 2008 347
Methamphetamine abuse linked to alcohol, risky behaviour in teens. Dec 3, 2008 261
Where young people drink. Dec 1, 2008 85
Families, friends, neighbourhoods contribute to teens' alcohol abuse. Nov 25, 2008 347
Methamphetamine abuse linked to alcohol, risky behaviour in teens. Nov 25, 2008 261
Intoxicating brands: alcohol advertising and youth. Jernigan, David Jul 1, 2008 2880
Young people and alcohol misuse: how can nurses use the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion? Ward, Bernadette; Verrinder, Glenda Report Jun 1, 2008 3072
Preferred Family Healthcare: Kansas City, Missouri. Feb 1, 2008 473
Adolescents' expenditure on alcohol: a pilot study. Hemphill, Sheryl A.; Munro, Geoffrey; Oh, Sophie Jun 22, 2007 5406
EU drinks legislation report. Osborn, Alan Feb 1, 2007 5091
Underage binge drinking is mapped. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Oct 1, 2006 184
Alcohol advertising in magazines: do beer, wine, and spirits ads target youth? Nelson, Jon P. Jul 1, 2006 8631
EU alcohol abuse campaign youth drinking. Osborn, Alan Jun 1, 2006 105
"Youth Saving Youth" zero tolerance for underage drinking and driving retreat summary of activities and evaluation. Sharpe-Taylor, Linda; Tindall, Judith A.; Davis, Raemelle Mar 22, 2006 6742
Counsel teens on drugs and alcohol. Schneider, Mary Ellen Aug 15, 2005 840
Study recommends enforcement of underage drinking laws. Jan 3, 2005 399
Underage drinking. O'Connell, Mary Ellen Jan 1, 2005 527
Results Of The 2003 Wyoming Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Engstrom, Martha C.; Parrie, Chelsey; Miller, Russell; Li, Yuan Abstract Mar 1, 2004 301
Teens less likely to drink when parents monitor: long-term protective effect noted. Kubetin, Sally Koch Dec 1, 2003 540
A sport-based intervention for preventing alcohol use and promoting physical activity among adolescents. Werch, Chudley; Moore, Michele; DiClemente, Carlo C.; Owen, Deborah M.; Jobli, Edessa; Bledsoe, Rhon Dec 1, 2003 6828
Parental involvement in school cuts substance use: monitoring the future study. Kubetin, Sally Koch Nov 1, 2003 528
Harm reduction may slow teens' beer tap. (Alternative to Abstinence). Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2003 582
Reducing underage drinking. (AMA Briefs). Worcester, Sharon Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 180
Personality characteristics as a function of frequency and type of substance use. Wolff, Michael W.; Wolff, Kathleen A. Dec 22, 2002 3746
Eight tips for spotting teen substance abuse. (Use a Brief Screening Interview). Nugent, Tom Nov 1, 2002 831
Keeping Youth Drug Free: A Guide for Parents, Grandparents, Elders, Mentors, and Other Caregivers. Apr 1, 2002 263
Teen Tipplers: America's Underage Drinking Epidemic. Feb 1, 2002 260
The Prevention of Alcohol Use by Rural Youth. D'Onofrio, Carol N. May 1, 1997 273
Drug and Alcohol Use among Youth in Rural Communities. Edwards, Ruth W. May 1, 1997 301
Early alcoholism: crime, depression higher. Bower, Bruce Mar 25, 1989 371
The cooler illusion. Montgomery, Anne Aug 1, 1988 1962

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