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College Student Activities, Social Capital, and Drinking Behavior. Crawford, Lizabeth A.; Novak, Katherine B. Apr 1, 2020 5558
Using Latent Profile Analysis to Assess College Students' Attitudes about Underage Drinking and Prescription Stimulant Misuse. Kennedy, Susan; Allen, Michaela; Kennedy, Gary J. Dec 1, 2019 4171
Investigation of the Relationship between Community Service and Alcohol Consumption in College Students. Sep 22, 2019 210
Social norms regarding alcohol use and associated factors among university students in Turkey. Gunduz, Anil; Sakarya, Sibel; Sonmez, Ekin; Celebi, Cengiz; Yuce, Huseyin; Akvardar, Yildiz Report Mar 1, 2019 5632
Bridesmaid kicked cop in drunken rage after arrest at sister's wedding; Magistrate tells student: You have a binge-drinking problem. Sep 27, 2018 467
Bridesmaid kicked cop in drunken rage after arrest at sister's wedding; FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT WITH 'BINGE DRINKING PROBLEM' SCREAMED ALL THE WAY TO CUSTODY. Sep 25, 2018 560
Alcohol Habits by University Students in Greece. Saridi, Maria; Nanou, Anastasia; Vasilopoulos, Christos; Souliotis, Kyriakos; Toska, Aikaterini; Kou Report Aug 1, 2018 5492
The Epidemiology of Binge Drinking Among College-Age Individuals in the United States. Krieger, Heather; Young, Chelsie M.; Anthenien, Amber M.; Neighbors, Clayton Report Mar 22, 2018 7232
FACEBOOK AGE DISPLAY AND ALCOHOL USE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS. Wilner, Molly; Kerr, Bradley; Moreno, Megan Report Mar 22, 2018 4116
DEPRESSION AND ALCOHOL USE IN UNDERGRADUATE MEDICAL STUDENTS IN A PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGE. Haorongbam, Meesha; T., Sathyanarayana M.; S., Dhanashree Akshatha H. Report Mar 19, 2018 4994
Alcohol Consumption and Risky Drinking Patterns among College Students from Selected Countries of the Carpathian Euroregion. Zadarko-Domaradzka, Maria; Barabasz, Zbigniew; Sobolewski, Marek; Niziol-Babiarz, Edyta; Penar-Zadar Jan 1, 2018 7798
11 students in A&E after 'drinking too much'. Oct 21, 2017 256
Effects of reward magnitude, alcohol and cigarette use on social discounting in Japan and United States college students. Romanowich, Paul; Igaki, Takeharu Report Sep 1, 2017 6783
Environmental stressors, socioeconomic factors, and alcohol-related problems among Argentinian college students. Conde, Karina; Cremonte, Mariana Jul 1, 2017 4719
Behavioral economic predictors of alcohol and sexual risk behavior in college drinkers. Lemley, Shea M.; Fleming, William A., III; Jarmolowicz, David P. Report Jun 1, 2017 10987
Perceptions of binge drinking as problematic among college students. Wrye, Bethany A.E.; Pruitt, Courtney L. Apr 1, 2017 7098
Which stressors increase the odds of college binge drinking? Pedersen, Daphne E. Report Mar 1, 2017 7390
An exploration of alcohol use amongst undergraduate female psychology students at a South African university. Govender, Indiran; Nel, Kathryn; Sibuyi, Xolile M. Report Mar 1, 2017 4282
Validation of the alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test in university students: AUDIT and AUDIT-C. Carretero, Miguel Angel Garcia; Ruiz, Jose Pedro Novalbos; Delgado, Jose Manuel Martinez; Gonzalez, Dec 1, 2016 8178
Student Debt Leads To Problem Drinking, Depression: Report. Aug 10, 2016 395
Relationships between age, sex, self-esteem and attitudes towards alcohol use amongst university students. Collison, Daniel; Banbury, Samantha; Lusher, Joanne Aug 1, 2016 5620
Alcohol and psychoactive substance use among university students in Edirne and related parameters. Gorgulu, Yasemin; Cakir, Digdem; Sonmez, Mehmet Bulent; Cinar, Rugu Kose; Vardar, Mehmet Erdal Report Jun 1, 2016 6153
Alcohol consumption and abuse among college students: alarming rates among the best and the brightest. Fuertes, Jairo N.; Hoffman, Alexander Report Jun 1, 2016 2578
Attitudes and descriptive norms of alcohol-related problems as predictors of alcohol use among college students. Sheppard, Meg E.; Usdan, Stuart L.; Higginbotham, John C.; Cremeens-Matthews, Jennifer L. Report Apr 1, 2016 4465
Prescription stimulant misuse, alcohol abuse and disordered eating among college students. Ward, Rose Marie; Oswald, Barbara B.; Galante, Marina Apr 1, 2016 5828
Intoxicating entertainment? The influence of "Star Music Trek" on the drinking practices of Nigerian students. Dumbili, Emeka W. Mar 22, 2016 9847
Making students think before they drink: clarifying misperceptions about alcohol consumption. Synott, C. Kevin Mar 1, 2016 600
A systematic review of interventions aimed at reducing binge drinking among college students. Bridges, Ledetra S.; Sharma, Manoj Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 7768
"Social stuff" and institutional micro-processes: alcohol use by students in Australian university residential colleges. Leontini, Rose; Schofield, Toni; Lindsay, Jo; Brown, Rebecca; Hepworth, Julie; Germov, John Sep 22, 2015 10009
An innovative approach to college student drinking: On TRACK: Teaching Responsible Alcohol Choices and Knowledge. Russett, Jill; Gressard, Charles F. Report Apr 1, 2015 2989
College student alcohol use and abuse: social norms, health beliefs, and selected socio-demographic variables as explanatory factors. Champion, Denisha A.; Lewis, Todd F.; Myers, Jane F. Apr 1, 2015 6561
Alcohol consumption and academic retention in first-year college students. Liguori, Gary; Lonbaken, Barb Report Mar 1, 2015 4853
Durham City leaders plan to hit binge drinking after student deaths in River Wear; Durham City Leaders back minimum alcohol pricing plan following the deaths of three students in the River Wear. Feb 16, 2015 478
Cocktails on campus: are libations a liability? Bendlin, Susan S. Jan 1, 2015 9780
Cocktails on campus: are libations a liability? Bendlin, Susan S. Jan 1, 2015 11718
The perception of safety between drinkers and non-drinkers among U.S. college students. Walter, Gayle; Florkowski, David; Anderson, Peter; Dunn, Micheal Dec 1, 2014 5508
A national study of the reasons for use and non-use of alcohol among college student-athletes by sex, race, and NCAA division. Milroy, Jeffrey J.; Orsini, Muhsin Michael; Wyrick, David L.; Fearnow-Kenney, Melodie; Kelly, Samant Report Dec 1, 2014 6220
College student's health, drinking and smoking patterns: what has changed in 20 years? Hensel, Desiree; Todd, Katherine Leigh; Engs, Ruth C. Report Sep 1, 2014 3719
Using the integrated behavioral model to predict high-risk drinking among college students. Braun, Robert E.; Glassman, Tavis; Sheu, Jiunn-Jye; Dake, Joseph; Jordan, Tim; Yingling, Faith Report Aug 1, 2014 4926
The influence of attributional style on substance use and risky sexual behavior among college students. Burnett, Audrey J.; Sabato, Todd M.; Wagner, Laurie; Smith, Amy Report Jun 1, 2014 6061
Informed of the norms? College faculty and staff drinking behaviors and their perceptions of student alcohol consumption. Lear, Mary K.; Weinstein, Lian; Smallwood, Alicia; Satterfield, Katia; Propsom, Pamela Report Apr 1, 2014 3518
The role of injunctive norms and alcohol use during the first-semester of college. Talbott, Laura L.; Wilkinson, Larrell L.; Moore, Charity G.; Usdan, Stuart L. Apr 1, 2014 6104
Development and computerized implementation of an impaired driving intervention for college students. Martin, Ryan J.; Usdan, Stuart; Cremeens, Jennifer; Devereaux, Randy; Reddy, Supriya; Schumacher, Jo Report Mar 22, 2014 4350
Electronic feedback in college student drinking prevention and intervention. Cronce, Jessica M.; Bittinger, Joyce N.; Liu, Junny; Kilmer, Jason R. Report Mar 22, 2014 12124
Facebook use between college resident advisors' and their residents: a mixed methods approach. Kacvinsky, Lauren E.; Moreno, Megan A. Report Mar 1, 2014 3764
Alcohol use and drinking expectations among college students: an analysis of sex differences/Uso de alcool e expectativas do beber entre universitarios: uma analise das diferencas entre os sexos. Fachin, Alexandre; Furtado, Erikson Felipe Oct 1, 2013 6171
Mad challenge-30-day alcohol abstinence pledge. Glassman, Tavis; Blavos, Alexis; Paprzycki, Peter; Deakins, Bethany; Reindl, Diana; Whewell, Aubrey; Report Sep 22, 2013 4949
Alcohol, university students, and harm-minimization campaigns: "a fine line between a good night out and a nightmare." Hernandez, Lara; Leontini, Rose; Harley, Kirsten Jun 22, 2013 10473
College alcohol-control policies and students' alcohol consumption: a matter of exposure? Demers, Andree; Beauregard, Nancy; Gliksman, Louis Jun 22, 2013 7869
The burden of alcohol use: excessive alcohol consumption and related consequences among college students. White, Aaron; Hingson, Ralph Jun 22, 2013 15107
Female college students exceed drinking guidelines more often than men. May 18, 2013 296
Students prone to alcohol use, anxiety more hooked on to Facebook: Study. Apr 11, 2013 314
Moderators of the relationship between religiosity and alcohol use in college students. Bodford, Jessica E.; Hussong, Andrea M. Report Mar 22, 2013 9895
The influence of attributional style on substance use and risky sexual behavior among college students. Burnett, Audrey J.; Sabato, Todd M.; Walter, Katherine Ott; Kerr, Dianne L.; Wagner, Laurie; Smith, Report Mar 1, 2013 7560
56 pc female university students get drunk sooner than men. Dec 29, 2012 348
College student awareness of signs of alcohol poisoning. Haas, Amie; Flores, Sergio Dec 1, 2012 6243
Adaptation of the IPIP-BIS/BAS--Personality Questionnaire to an Argentinean sample of college students and analysis of its relationship to alcohol consumption patterns/ Adaptacion del Cuestionario de Personalidad BIS BAS IPIP a una muestra de estudiantes universitarios argentinos y analisis de su relacion con patrones de consumo de alcohol. Martinez, Maria Victoria; Jaime, Mauricio Federico Zalazar; Pilatti, Angelina; Cupani, Marcos Dec 1, 2012 6836
Heavy drinking could be red flag for sexual confusion among college students. Jun 9, 2012 216
Implications for college students posting pictures of themselves drinking alcohol on Facebook. Glassman, Tavis Report Jun 1, 2012 3967
Targeting party hosts off campus. Apr 1, 2012 384
School context, high-risk drinking, and sexual assault at two Southern Urban Universities. McCormick, Laura J.; Fagen, Jennifer L.; Kontos, Anthony P.; Venable, Riley; Anderson, Peter B. Essay Jan 1, 2012 4704
Challenge accepted: why I quit drinking: trading nights of drunkenness for new friends, better health, a clear mind. Harper, G.L. Nov 11, 2011 1117
The paradox and potential of 'drunk support'. Malcolm, Teresa Nov 11, 2011 692
Facebook, MySpace could identify college students at risk for problem drinking. Oct 4, 2011 287
Evaluation of web-based and counselor-delivered feedback interventions for mandated college students. Doumas, Diana M.; Workman, Camille R.; Navarro, Anabel; Smith, Diana Report Oct 1, 2011 5727
Safety first at ale level student ball; Vow after last year's event ended in chaos. Sep 23, 2011 357
Environmental approaches to prevention in college settings. Saltz, Robert F. Report Sep 22, 2011 4237
Individual-focused approaches to the prevention of college student drinking. Cronce, Jessica M.; Larimer, Mary E. Report Sep 22, 2011 8276
College prevention: a view of present (and future) web-based approaches. Walters, Scott T.; Neighbors, Clayton Report Sep 22, 2011 2161
College students drink more, get lower grades if their classes start late. Jun 15, 2011 247
Wellness factors as predictors of alcohol use among undergraduates: implications for prevention and intervention. Lewis, Todd F.; Myers, Jane E. Sep 22, 2010 6998
Reported changes in students' alcohol consumption following a brief education of what constitutes a standard drink. Bergen-Cico, Dessa; Kilmer, Jason Aug 1, 2010 3868
Magnitude and prevention of college drinking and related problems. Hingson, Ralph W. Report Jan 1, 2010 6764
Common issues and collaborative solutions: a comparison of student alcohol use behaviors at the community college and four-year institutional levels. Blowers, Jerimy Report Dec 1, 2009 4791
Web effort lowers student drinking. Johnson, Teddi Dineley Nov 1, 2009 232
Web-based screening, interventions 'help fight alcoholism in undergrads'. Sep 15, 2009 256
Drinking problems on the rise among US college students. Jun 15, 2009 452
Spring break boosts binge drinking among college students. Mar 1, 2009 365
College Alcohol Risk Assessment Guide: Environmental Approaches to Prevention. Ryan, Barbara E.; Colthurst, Tom; Segars, Lance Report Jan 1, 2009 280
Getting energized to call 911. Sep 1, 2008 364
Prevalence & predictors of alcohol use among college students in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Khosla, Vishal; Thankappan, K.R.; Mini, G.K.; Sarma, P.S. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2008 2296
The influence of social norms on college student alcohol and marijuana use. Lewis, Todd F.; Clemens, Elysia Survey Mar 22, 2008 6229
Tuition well spent. Napoli, Denise Brief article Jan 1, 2008 214
Race, drug use and risky sexual behavior. Broman, Clifford L. Report Dec 1, 2007 4929
What Colleges Need to Know Now: An Update on College Drinking Research. Author abstract Nov 1, 2007 218
Social bond theory and drunk driving in a sample of college students. Durkin, Keith F.; Wolfe, Scott E.; May, Ross W. Report Sep 1, 2007 4907
Starting a dialogue: against the odds, a former college president takes aim at the 21 drinking age. McAlarney, Brion P. Cover story Sep 1, 2007 2177
Interventions can reduce drinking among college freshmen. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Aug 15, 2007 841
Interventions can curb college freshmen drinking. Sullivan, Michele G. Aug 1, 2007 647
Experiences in Effective Prevention: The U.S. Department of Education's Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Models on College Campuses Grants. DeJong, William; Anderson, Jerry; Colthurst, Tom; Davidson, Laurie; Langford, Linda M.; Mackay-Smith Author abstract Aug 1, 2007 429
Discriminating among levels of college student drinking through an Eriksonian theoretical framework. Lewis, Todd F. Oct 1, 2006 8523
Study offers new perspective on alcohol assessment. Survey Sep 1, 2006 261
The role of interpersonal influence as a college alcohol prevention strategy. Dunleavy, Victoria Orrego; Campbell, Kristen Sep 1, 2006 3848
Do drinking practices at university differ among students coming from urban and rural centers? a preliminary examination of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. Fletcher, Paula C.; Skinner, Kate Jun 1, 2006 4685
An exploration of fraternity culture: implications for programs to address alcohol-related sexual assault. Foubert, John D.; Garner, Dallas N.; Thaxter, Peter J. Jun 1, 2006 6207
Expectations and problematic drinking among college students/Expectativas e beber problematico entre universitarios. Peuker, Ana Carolina; Fogaca, Janaina; Bizarro, Lisiane Report May 1, 2006 6475
Study: teenagers exposed to alcohol ads drink more. Brief article Feb 23, 2006 320
Conferring meaning onto alcohol-related violence: an analysis of alcohol use and gender in a sample of college youth. Peralta, Robert L.; Cruz, J. Michael Jan 1, 2006 7054
Readiness to change, social norms, and alcohol involvement among college students. Lewis, Todd F. Oct 1, 2005 7657
Student drinking estimates. Dobie, Monica Apr 1, 2005 105
The relationships between heavy episodic drinking, sexual assaulting and being sexually assaulted for Southern Urban University students. Anderson, Peter B.; Spruille, Briana; Venable, Riley H.; Strano, Donald A. Jan 1, 2005 2467
The relationship between spiritual meaning and purpose and drug and alcohol use among college students. Hebert, Edward Jan 1, 2005 4405
Correcting normative misperceptions as a strategy for reducing heavy drinking among college students. Neighbors, Clayton Apr 1, 2004 255
Cash may motivate college students to drink less at parties: money talks. Kubetin, Sally Koch Sep 1, 2003 575
Harm reduction may slow teens' beer tap. (Alternative to Abstinence). Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2003 582
Is Alcohol Related to Rioting? An Exploration of College Student Attitudes. Maney, Dolores W.; Baylor, Eric D.; Gates, Sarah C. Author abstract Jan 1, 2003 276
College-run rehab program becomes `big booze party'. Brief Article Jul 22, 2002 626
Students at risk due to 'Culture of Drinking'. (Study of U.S. Colleges). Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 192
College student binge drinking: implications for a constructivist approach to college counseling. Hensley, Laura G. Sep 22, 2001 6199
Innovative alcohol education program for college and university judicial sanctions. Freeman, Mark S. Sep 22, 2001 3023
Alcohol Use among University Students: Incidence, Reasons, and Effects. Owens, Shane Gregory; Roth, David; Schmelkin, Liora P. Aug 26, 2001 177
Drinking laws do little to curb underage drinking, new study says. Brief Article Jun 26, 2000 340
A Case against "Binge" as the Term of Choice: How To Get College Students To Personalize Messages about Dangerous Drinking. Lederman, Linda C.; Stewart, Lea P.; Laitman, Lisa; Goodhart, Fern; Powell, Richard Jan 1, 2000 234
Playing a Few Bars. Zwillich, Todd Dec 1, 1999 206
Drinking, learning don't mix at college. McCarthy, Colman Column Nov 3, 1995 707
The "temperance mentality": a survey of students at a Canadian university. Burt, G.; Roney, C.; Dawes, G.; Nijdam, D.; Beyerstein, B.L.; van de Wijngaart, G.F.; Ossebaard, H.C Jun 22, 1994 7050
Dressing in costume and the use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs by college students. Miller, Kimberly A.; Jasper, Cynthia R.; Hill, Donald R. Mar 22, 1993 2777

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