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Alcobra receives new patent covering Metadoxine Extended Release.

M2 EQUITYBITES-May 5, 2014-Alcobra receives new patent covering Metadoxine Extended Release


Biopharmaceutical company Alcobra (NASDAQ:ADHD) has received a new patent covering the use of Metadoxine Extended Release (MDX) in the treatment of cognitive disorders from the US Patent and Trademark Office, it was reported on Friday.

The company filed patent number 8,710,067 - 'Method for the treatment, alleviation of symptoms of, relieving, improving and preventing a cognitive disease, disorder or condition' - on July 3, 2012. The patent was issued on April 29, 2014, and offers protection until 2032.

This is the second patent to be provided in the United States covering Metadoxine Extended Release. The company's range of issued patents and patent applications now includes the release formulations and pharmacokinetic profile of Metadoxine, including the special sustained release, combined release and burst release formulations and the associated methods of treatment, and the clinical utilisation of MDX for cognitive disorders including Alcobra's lead indication, ADHD.

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Publication:M2 EquityBites (EQB)
Date:May 5, 2014
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