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Articles from Alces (January 1, 2003)

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5th International Moose Symposium and 38th North American Moose Conference and Workshop: Oyer, Norway 4-9 August 2002. 631
A choice modelling approach to moose management: a case study of Thunder Bay moose hunters. Bottan, Brian; Hunt, Len; Haider, Wolfgang 6434
Bernt-Eriksaether: distinguished moose biologist--2002 recipient. 390
Bernt-Eriksaether: distinguished moose biologist--award criteria. 377
Bernt-Eriksaether: distinguished moose biologist--past recipients. 293
Bone marrow fat content from moose in northeastern Minnesota, 1972-2000. Spears, Brian L.; Peterson, William J.; Ballard, Warren B. 5536
Chemical immobilization of free-ranging moose. Arnemo, Jon M.; Kreeger, Terry J.; Soveri, Timo 2220
Does rectal palpation of pregnant moose cows affect pre- and neo-natal mortality of their calves? Solberg, Erling Johan; Heim, Morten; Arnemo, Jon Martin; Saether, Bernt-Erik; Os, Oystein 6646
Effects of browsing history by Alaskan moose on regrowth and quality of feltleaf willow. Bowyer, R. Terry; Neville, Juliette A. 5038
Factors affecting detectability of moose Alces alces during the hunting season in northern Norway. Rolandsen, Christer Moe; Solberg, Erling Johan; Tufto, Jarle; Saether, Bernt-Erik; Heim, Morten 5101
Large carnivores, moose, and humans: a changing paradigm of predator management in the 21st century. Schwartz, Charles C.; Swenson, Jon E.; Miller, Sterling D. 11878
Monitoring of moose-forest interactions in Estonia as a tool for game management decisions. Tonisson, Juri; Randveer, Tiit 2339
Moose in modern integrated ecosystem management--how should the Malawi principles be adapted? Jaren, Vemund; Sinclair, A.R.E.; Andersen, Reidar; Danell, Kjell; Schwartz, Chuck; Peterson, Rolf O. 4989
Moose responses to wildlife viewing and traffic stimuli. Silverberg, Judith K.; Pekins, Peter J.; Robertson, Robert A. 3642
Moose-vegetation-soil interactions: a dynamic system. Pastor, John; Danell, Kjell 8245
Of moose and man: the past, the present, and the future of human dimensions in moose research. Ericsson, Goran 7269
Previous meeting sites of the North American Moose Conference and Workshop. 222
Seasonal and habitat differences in visibility of moose pellets. Persson, Inga-Lill 3788
Status of moose populations and challenges to moose management in Fennoscandia. Lavsund, Sten; Nygren, Tuire; Solberg, Erling J. 8701
Temporal and spatial aspects of predator-prey dynamics. Peterson, Rolf O.; Vucetich, John A.; Page, Richard E.; Chouinard, Anne 8844
The impact of moose browsing on tree species composition in Finland. Heikkila, Risto; Hokkanen, Pertti; Kooiman, Mira; Ayguney, Nilay; Bassoulet, Cyril 4685
The potential for multiple fecundity of moose in Finland. Nygren, Tuire 8676
The role of mammals as ecosystem landscapers. Sinclair, A.R.E. 7438
The status and management of moose in North America-circa 2000-01. Timmermann, H.R. 9832
Wolf predation on moose--a case study using hunter observations. Wam, Hilde Karine; Hjeljord, Olav 5010

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