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Articles from Alces (January 1, 2002)

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37th North American Moose Conference and Workshop--Carrabassett Valley, Maine 12-16 May 2001. 191
A preliminary assessment on the influence of habitat composition and structure on moose density in clear-cuts of North-Western Quebec. Courtois, Rehaume; Beaumont, Aldee 4462
Adaptive management of moose in Ontario. Bottan, Brian; Euler, Dave; Rempel, Rob 4845
Amino acid composition of the contents in various segments of the gastrointestinal tract of moose. Simakov, Anatoly F. 1919
Anthropogenic effects on moose populations in the southern taiga. Zablotskaya, Lidia V.; Zablotskaya, Maria M. 1682
Application of a moose habitat suitability index model to Vermont Wildlife Management Units. Koitzsch, Ky B. 9027
Application of population viability theory to moose in mainland Nova Scotia. Snaith, Tamaini V.; Beazley, Karen F. 5380
Comparison of fixed-wing and helicopter searches for moose in a mid-winter habitat-based survey. Gosse, John; McLaren, Brian; Eberhardt, Ewen 3143
Components of red blood in young moose. Moyseenko, Nelly A. 2251
Distinguished Moose Biologist--award criteria. 363
Distinguished Moose Biologist--past recipients. 284
Ecosystem management and moose: creating a coherent concept with functional management strategies. Van Dyke, Fred; Darby, Brian; Van Kley, Sarah E.; Schmeling, Jamie D.; DeJager, Nathan R. 8456
Effects of moose population density on development of forest stands in Central European Russia. Abaturov, Boris D.; Smirnov, Konstantin A. 2495
Efficiency of collective moose hunting in a forest-taiga zone of Russia. Gaidar, Alexander A.; Grakov, Nikolai N.; Zhitkov, B.M. 1212
Evaluation of the state and productivity of moose populations using Leslie Matrix analyses. Lopatin, V.N.; Rosolovsky, S.V. 1267
Evidence of carrying capacity effects in Newfoundland moose. Mercer, W.E.; McLaren, B.E. 8662
Factors determining moose population dynamics in the Central Forest Reserve. Kochetkov, Vitaliy V. 2407
Faeces as indicators of moose activity and role in ecosystems. Kuznetsov, German V. 2027
Forest ungulates found in Holocene archaeological materials from the European northeast (1). Volokitin, Alexander V.; Kosinskaya, Lubov L. 1753
Foreword. Crichton, Vince; Rodgers, Art 477
Genetic relationships deduced from cytochrome-b sequences among moose. Hundertmark, Kris J.; Shields, Gerald F.; Bowyer, R. Terry; Schwartz, Charles C. 4025
Geographical variation in antler morphology of Alaskan moose: putative effects of habitat and genetics. Bowyer, R. Terry; Stewart, Kelly M.; Pierce, Becky M.; Hundertmark, Kris J.; Gasaway, William C. 4946
Habitat selection by moose (Alces Alces) in clear-cut landscapes. Courtois, Rehaume; Dussault, Christian; Potvin, Francois; Daigle, Gaetan 7993
Histopathological changes in the central nervous system of moose (Alces alces) in the ivanovo region of Russia. Kuvshinov, Vadim L. 601
Home ranges and migrations of the Kostroma farm moose. Bogomolova, Ekaterina M.; Kurochkin, Yuriy A.; Minaev, Alexander N. 1519
Impact of moose on aquatic vegetation in the Northern Maine. Morris, Karen I. 2650
Impacts of wildlife viewing on moose use of a roadside salt lick. Silverberg, Judith K.; Pekins, Peter J.; Robertson, Robert A. 3165
In memoriam: Roy Clayton Anderson April 1926-August 2001. Lankester, Murray W. 2038
Modeling of moose hunting: protection of cows with twins. Balciaskas, Linas P. 2135
Moose (Alces alces) population control in the Urals. Dvornikov, Mikhael G. 1569
Moose and forest problems in Russia. Kuznetsov, German V. 2823
Moose behavior at salt licks. Filus, Irene A. 1058
Moose hunting in Russia. Ulitin, Alexander A. 1717
Moose in Latvia and intensive game management practices. Mikhyeva, Ruta V.; Gaross, Vitauts G. 1641
Moose relations with biotic communities and man in Samarskaya Luka National Park. Roshchevsky, Jury K. 1785
Morphological changes of organs during ontogeny of moose (Alces alces) compared to domesticated ruminants. Petrov, Anatoley K.; Plesnakov, Nicholas E.; Isajenkov, J.A. 1277
Nutrient composition of milk from domesticated taiga moose during the lactation period. Chalyshev, Aleksandr V.; Badlo, Larisa P. 1401
Nutritional quality of willows for moose: effects of twig age and diameter. Spaeth, Douglas F.; Bowyer, R. Terry; Stephenson, Thomas R.; Barboza, Perry S.; Van Ballenberghe, Vi 5869
Parturition activity of moose. Bogomolova, Ekaterina M.; Kurochkin, Yuriy A. 1909
Preliminary habitat suitability analysis for moose in mainland Nova Scotia, Canada. Snaith, Tamaini V.; Beazley, Karen F.; MacKinnon, Frances; Duinker, Peter 7038
Previous meeting sites of the North American Moose Conference and Workshop. 202
R. Terry Bowyer: Distinguished Moose Biologist--2001 recipient. 392
Reviewing Ontario's moose management policy--1980-2000--targets achieved, lessons learned. Timmermann, H.R.; Gollat, R.; Whitlaw, H.A. 14841
Seasonal features of nutrition and nitrogen metabolism in moose. Badlo, Larisa P.; Simakov, Anatoly F. 1616
Structure of moose (Alces alces) populations in Russia with special reference to communication distances. Zaitsev, Vitaliy A. 1539
Structure of the moose population and its utilization in the Komi Republic. Polehzaev, N.M.; Korolev, I.C. 1813
The horseshoe posture in moose--a reaction to perceived threats. Crichton, Vince 1538
The impact of moose on ash productivity. Lozinov, Georgy L.; Kuznetsov, German V. 1911
The importance of moose to the people in the Northern Sub-Urals during the bronze and early iron ages (1). Ashihmina, Lidija I. 3467
The importance of salt licks and other sources of sodium in the ecology of the Ussuri moose (Alces alces cameloides). Panichev, Alexander M.; Zaumyslova, Olga Y.U.; Aramilev, V.V. 2684
The morphological characteristics of the sinoauricular and auriculo-ventricular nodes in moose, cattle, pig, and human hearts (1). Antipov, Nicholas V.; Golovko, V.A.; Sinev, A.F. 1244
The study of moose behavior on the Kostroma moose farm. Bogomolova, Ekaterina M.; Kurochkin, Yuriy A.; Minaev, Alexander N. 1828
Use of telemetry to study behavior of domesticated moose. Minaev, Alexander N. 909

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