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GARY CLARK JR: Black And Blu. (Inset) OK, the man's got the lot going for him - rock, soul, jazz and blues so by the end you think you've listened to four artists instead of just the one. He's a supreme musician and a master of all the genres as they veer from the 60s brass stomp of Ain't Messin 'Round, through the velvet blues of When My Train Pulls In, stopping off at the psychedelic haze that is Third Stone From The Sun and the life's falling apart feel of Next Door Neighbour Blues to the sweet Stylistics style soul of Please Come Home and the raw Hendrixian guitar of Bright Lights. If you've only room for one new artist in your life this year, give Clark a chance and make it four. SCREAMING MALDINI: Screaming Maldini. Think of a musical hall of circus mirrors and this is just that as they take the rudiments of easy listening and then twist them bizarrely in their search for genuine originality. And they achieve it sometimes in ways that makes you think you can't quite believe your ears. They're pop pioneers but it's doubtful enough people will listen without prejudice to even start to figure out what they're all about. Theatrical one minute, engaging the next and then dark, it makes a rollercoaster seem like Noddy's car. So leftfield you can't even see it.

JOSH GROBAN: All That Echoes. The American songsmith may have sold 25 million worldwide and if you like a clutch of tunes that sound like they should be on the next Lion King soundtrack then this one's for you.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2013
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