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Alberta formed--Alberta transformed; 2v.


Alberta formed--Alberta transformed; 2v.

Ed. by Michael Payne et al.

The U. of Alberta Press


808 pages




A product of the work of the Alberta 2005 Centennial History Society, this two-volume work brings together a range of historians, political scientists, economists, and archaeologists, each of whom was charged with writing a study of a particular year in the history of the Canadian province of Alberta, selected because they represent key political, economic, social, legal, environmental, or cultural turning points in the history of the region. This has resulted in a diverse set of 31 essays intended to give readers a sense of the broad sweep of Albertan history and varied ways it can be interpreted. The first volume explores topics prior to the official proclamation of Alberta, such as the record of a massive volcanic eruption over 7,000 years ago, the lifeways of aboriginal people on the Alberta plains a thousand years ago, the smallpox epidemic of 1781-1782, reorganization of the fur trade in the 1820s, military rebellion in 1870, and the signing of treaties with Alberta First Nations. Topics in the second volume include economic depression in 1913, experiences of World War I, the social credit revolution of 1935, oil politics and economics in 1951, community identity and the Golden Jubilee of 1955, national and provincial government conflict over oil in 1980, and rural and urban demographic trajectories in 1996. The set is illustrated throughout with two-tone photographs, drawings, maps, and other images. Co-published with the U. of Calgary Press and distributed in the US by Michigan State U. Press.

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