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Albemarle to buy Rhodia's phosphorus FR agents.

Albemarle Corp. in Richmond, Va., and Rhodia SA in Paris, France, have reached an agreement for Albemarie to acquire Rhodia's global Antiblaze organophosphorus and ammonium polyphosphate flame retardants business for applications in rigid and flexible polyurethane foams and flexible vinyls. Albemarle will acquire Rhodia's production site in Avonmouth, U.K. Rhodia also will supply Albemarle with Antiblaze flame retardants and intermediates from its plants in the U.S. and U.K. This acquisition significantly strengthens Albemarle's position in PUR foam applications and complements the company's NcendX phosphorus-based flame retardants for thermoplastics.
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Aug 1, 2003
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