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:for Elluage and Tom

 in the desert two men walk in opposite directions
       is this the Sahara one cries
      is this the Mojave the other
blue fish jump in Lummi waters a creek in Tunisia backs up clear to the
Dead Sea & mimics the moon's shadow
      and all those years Paul Bowles
      stored in earthen jars slowly
      run in the sand's hour glass
like the imperceptible percentage of light reflected by the moon upon
earth no breath no wind only a sad aria of a world gone nova
two men walking in the desert one black one white both running out of
directions is this where Nostradamus crossed?
        if east is east is west
        can what was done be undone
        in the blink of an eye?
they keep time with borrowed patchouli sticks with turquoise and bits of
shattered glass with breath gone emphysematous in crystal air the
hardscrabble light of bad moons
they ask: where were you when the world turned gunmetal grey? when poems
grew obsolete with words parched as bones?
     they have seen men curse God
     as if He could hear them
     the have seen heaven's last
     chariot cross a tattered sky
they have seen madness reduce a town to rubble and suffered no less from
it than the dead
     their gaze fixed on the urban
      oasis shimmering like a mirage
      a bright idea flicked like a matchhead
the light by coincidence falling far short of ground zero in the fire
this time 
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Author:McElroy, Colleen J.
Publication:Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jun 22, 2008
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