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Albanians owe Zaev!

The publication of Zaev's "bombs" disclosed many cases for the Albanians. The publication of the eavesdropping affair revealed the crime, corruption, staged political processes, dubious murders and many other scandals when Albanians are neglected. Observers consider that the publication of Zaev's bombs showed the real face of the Albanian political elite. According to them, the Albanians should find a way to collaborate with Zaev and uproot the corrupted political elite from the Government.

Observer Ismet Ramadani says that Zoran Zaev did a big favor to Macedonia by publishing the eavesdropped recorded materials.

"No doubt, credit goes to Zoran Zaev as SDSM leader but also as a person. He did a big favor to Albanians. If the "bombs" hadn't been published, some truths would have never been told and disclosed and would have remained speculations. The "Sopot" case is one of them which revealed the truth about abuse and malpractice of the parties on power and the Albanian opposition party", announced Ramadani for "Zhurnal". According to him, the eavesdropped conversations enabled the Albanian citizens to find out the truth about the parties which abused their power and the coalition with VMRO-DPMNE.

"Albanians received information on persons, who don't deserve to be high officials, not only because of the way they communicate but also because of the servility they show to Gruevski", considers observer Ramadani. (end)

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Title Annotation:Zhurnal (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jun 19, 2015
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