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Albanians don't demand federalization.

Albanian parties spoke about the full standardization of the Albanian language, equal budget and full fiscal decentralization to which reacted the Macedonian political camp assessing these demands as attempt for quick federalization of Macedonia. Former Justice Minister Vlado Popovski stressed that the fiscal decentralization and standardization of the Albanian language are signs that Albanians are preparing for federalization of Macedonia as means for manipulation and pre-electoral goals.

"The fiscal decentralization or the standardization of the Albanian language are not an argument for federalization, when the entire Southeast Europe is democratic. The speculations in the public are tactics for attaining political goals using the pre-electoral campaign", stressed Popovski. He believes that the unitary concept will help Macedonia to join NATO and EU. Regarding the legal status, he stressed that according to the Constitution of Macedonia the Albanian language is a second official language but it should be fully implemented.

"I believe that the current laws give authorization to municipalities in many fields, which wasn't the case in 2005, so the full fiscal decentralization will boost their independence and enable stable economic development, infrastructure, investments etc.", stressed Popovski.

Political observer Imer Ismaili stressed that the speculations in the Macedonian public regarding the federalization of Macedonia are in the spirit of the new pre-electoral ambience. However, according to him, the credibility of the Macedonian political nomenclature is identified with VMRO-DPMNE and is very narrow. Unlike Popovski, Ismaili stressed that the concept of federalization can save Macedonia and Albanians can take their share. According to Ismaili, it is clear that the unitary country is dysfunctional and parties should consider joint ruling. Regarding the Albanian language, he stressed that the full standardization should not be performed by Macedonians but by Albanians.

"It is bizarre to demand your fundamental right from someone else", stressed Ismaili and added that the Ohrid Agreement was intentionally distorted by Macedonians. (end) Fatos Rusiti

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Title Annotation:Koha (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
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Date:Nov 23, 2015
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