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Albanian universities in Skopje?

A new university will soon be opened in Skopje which will include the dispersed faculties from Tetovo's State (DUT), from Kumanovo too, and the South East European University (SEEU). On the other hand, DUT and SEEU will be unified into a strong entity. Nobody wants to officially discuss this idea but Lajm has unofficially learned that analyses on the gains from this unification are prepared. Partisan sources say that the idea of opening a university in Skopje is reviewed at the moment as well as the location where it would be built. This has become a necessity because the number of students who want to study in Skopje is constantly growing compared to Tetovo, where the interest is dropping.
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Author:Limani, Anila
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Geographic Code:4EXMA
Date:Mar 7, 2012
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