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Albanian parties do not support SDSM's interpellation.

BDI has not reviewed the initiative for voting trust in the Government and as Koha has been told from partisan sources, the decision to give support to the Government was unambiguous. Still, the meeting of the central presidency on Wednesday was used to form a strategy on how the party is to appear on Friday's parliamentary session.

"BDI cannot support someone else's initiative against its own ministers," was the stance that dominated among the members. This party even prepared arguments to the attacks of the opposition most important will be the monument of the perished NLA fighters in Slupcane.

PDSH also said that it would not support SDSM's interpellation and announced that its MPs will abstain from voting. Leader Menduh Thaci still stated that the party will participate in the parliamentary debate and he justified the abstentions from voting with their promise that it would support BDI in defense of the anti-Albanian politics.
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Author:Zeqiri, Arben
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Oct 5, 2012
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