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Albanian leader at a high position in the government.

PDSH leader Menduh Thaci recently mentioned the possibility of him taking over the Vice Prime Minister position is his party joins the government which sounded interesting because something like this has not happened before. On the other hand, the fact that thus far the leaders of the Albanian parties did not accept state position, according to experts, is avoiding assuming responsibility.

Mersel Biljali said that in principle, the leaders of the Albanian parties must be part of the executive power and assume responsibility for what they promised to citizens. He emphasized that the fact why something like this has not happened thus far is to protect the leader's authority. In Biljali's view, taking over functions in the executive power is mandatory because if Albanians take the speaker position, this will not significantly improve their position. (end) A.F.

- PDSH's office in Struga refused to declare a moratorium, namely to "freeze" all activities until the end of the parliamentary elections.

"We will not assume any responsibility for the election result," Zijadin Sela, Struga Mayor told "portalb".

This decision was unanimously adopted by the representatives of PDSH's office in Struga at which all details from the newly-created situation were analyzed. Yet, all members from the office reiterated the strong support of the platform and PDSH's political agreement. (end) R.Z.
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Title Annotation:Zurnal (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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