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Albanian diaspora saves denar: approximately 800 million euros sent in eight months.

Macedonia's foreign exchange reserves increased by 68 million euros in one month, shows the data released by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. Sources from the National Bank say that the diaspora filled the reserves, seeing as they spent approximately 200 million euros in the country over the last two and a half months. Abdulmenaf Bexheti, professor at the Stoel University, says that over 80 percent of the funds entering the state come from the Albanians living abroad, who saved Macedonia's economy this year, just like they have done before. "We are not talking only about the sum of 800 million euros that entered the country over the last eight months; we should also consider the money that enter the country via unofficial channels. The foreign currency sent by the diaspora has a big impact, seeing as this money helps the Albanians, who do not receive anything from the state," Bexheti explained.
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Title Annotation:Koha (daily)
Author:Veseli, Zejnula
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Aug 26, 2009
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