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Albania : Taxpayer, submit within 30 March 2018 the statement of payment of profit tax and financial statements for the fiscal year 2017.

In implementation of Law no. 8438, dated 28.12.1998 "On Income Tax", as amended, the Instruction of the Minister of Finance No. 5, dated 30.01.2006, "On Income Tax", as amended, DCM no. 922 dated 29.12.2014 "On compulsory declaration of tax declarations and other tax documents, only through electronic form", as well as the requirements of law no. 9228, dated 29.04.2004 "On Accounting and Financial Statements", as amended, the General Taxation Directorate reminds you of the submission of a statement of payment of profit tax and financial statements for the fiscal year 2017.

To avoid any problems that may arise from overloading the system over the weekend (31 March to 1 April), the General Taxation Directorate suggests that you take the measures for declaring and submitting a statement of payment of profit tax and financial statements for fiscal year 2017, within March 30, 2018, Friday calendar day.

The taxpayer must submit the Winning Profit Tax Form according to the model approved by the instruction. This form is completed in accordance with the explanatory notes.

Likewise, it only submits electronically to the tax administration, the balance sheet together with the financial statements and its annexes, namely:

Balance Sheet (Assets, Liabilities and Equity)

Statement of Income and Expenses

Statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement or statement of cash flows (cash flow statement)

Annex for Explanatory Notes

Report of the authorized expert of the company (when this report is required pursuant to Law No. 10091, dated 5.3.2009 "On Legal Audit, Organization of the Occupation of Registered Auditor and Accountant Approved", Article 41 " owing to the statutory audit of the financial statements ", or sub-legal acts).

Additional documentation required under Law No.9920, dated 19.05.2008 "On Tax Procedures in the Republic of Albania", Article 60, which will be submitted electronically together with the financial statements is:

Rental contract for rented premises or proof of ownership for the facility.

Inventory of goods for sale on 31.12.2017 (analytical).

Inventory of owned vehicles.

Statement of non-current assets

Financial statements (assets, liabilities and equity), statement of income and expenses, statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flows, statement of property, plant and equipment will be submitted electronically in the PDF (scanned) version and in the Excel version.

The financial statements submitted in the PDF version (scanned) will necessarily be signed and stamped by the company's administrator.

They will be submitted electronically only in the PDF (scanned) version of the explanatory explanatory note, the report of the authorized expert of the company, lease contracts for rented premises, ownership certificate for the premises, ownership of inventory of transported vehicles .

The inventory of goods for sale on 31.12.2017 (analytical) will be stated in the possible version of the taxpayer, but provided that the declared version is unchanged.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 14, 2018
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