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Alaskan Brewing Co. produces limited-edition Imperial Red ale.


Alaskan Brewing Co. has announced the December 1st release of the newest Pilot Series limited-edition beer, Alaskan Imperial Red. According to the brewery, the aim was to produce a beer with pronounced caramel-dominated malt flavors, and an intense hop-forward profile utilizing new hop varieties.

"Alaska is a different place," said productions & operations manager Dave Wilson. "In most of the rest of the world, winter seasonal releases are very malt-forward beers with flavors that complement products from the farm, but in Alaska, our winter harvest comes from the sea, primarily in the form of Alaskan King Crab. This new, hop-forward Imperial Red pairs beautifully with those flavors." Mr. Wilson described Alaskan Imperial Red as a "full-bodied, deep mahogany ale," with "citrus notes of chamomile, grapefruit, and Meyer lemon" in the aroma, and "zesty array of hop flavors from mango and bitter orange to green mint and hibiscus melded with the nutty, roasted caramel and subtle dried fruit flavors of the malt."

The beer was first developed in 2009 on the brewery's pilot system, in one-barrel batches. "When the hop shortage hit in 2010, we had to start over because the hops we'd been using weren't available anymore," said quality assurance analyst Darin Jensen. "We finally achieved the flavor profile we'd been working toward using the new Meridian hop variety--it adds this great minty, greenness that just rounds everything out perfectly. We have taken years to perfect this beer!"

Imperial Red releases in 22 oz bottles and draft on December 1, throughout Alaska and the western states where Alaskan beers are sold. The beer will be available in limited quantities for a short time. The next Pilot Series beer, Alaskan Spring Black IPA, releases on January 1, 2013.
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Date:Nov 30, 2012
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