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Alaskan Amber wins Chicago Tasting.

Alaskan Amber wins Chicago Tasting

Alaskan Amber was selected as the "Best of Show" winner for the second straight year at 15th Annual Chicago Beer Society International Tasting. The event is a blind tasting representing both ales and lagers from England, Germany, Canada, Japan, America, Poland and France.

During the tasting, which took place November 16 at Mareva's Restaurant, the 230 people participating were served 12 beer samples, one at a time, in cups marked only with a number. Beers were then scored on the basis of appearance, aroma, flavor and aftertaste. At the end, all of the tasters then listed his or her first, second and third choices. Each choice was assigned points--three points for 1st; 2 points for 2nd; and 1 point for 3rd--and the numbers were tallied.

The results of the tasting were as follows:

* Alaskan Amber, USA--251 points. Best of Show, Gold Award, Ale.

* Spaten Oktoberfest, Germany--202 points. Gold Award, Lager.

* Fuller's ESB, England--195 points. Silver Award, Ale.

* Gambrinus Lager, Czechoslovakia--175 points. Silver Award, Lager.

Other beers were, in their order of placement were: McNally's Extra, Big Rock Brewing, Canada; 12 Horse Ale, Genesee, USA; Septante 5 Lager, France; Kirin Ichiban, Japan; Samuel Smith Winter Welcome, England; Young's Ramrod, England; Okocim Lager, Poland; and Zywiec Lager, Poland.

The winning beer, Alaskan Amber, is an amber-colored ale, cold-conditioned in the manner of German altbiers. This technique is consistent with brewing practices in the early days of Alaska, when refrigeration was not available, according to brewmaster and president Geoff Larsen. The beer is a recreation of the type of beer brewed at the Douglas City Brewing Co., which closed in 1907. According to brewer Brian Douglas, the brewery once had a Czechoslovakian brewmaster who imported Saaz hops, highly prized by brewers.
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Title Annotation:15th Annual Chicago Beer Society International Tasting
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 30, 1991
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