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Alaska Airlines passengers delayed at LAX due to computer malfunction.


Alaska Airlines has revealed that 976 passengers arriving at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), USA, after around 13:30 local time on 11 August, have been prevented from deplaning and going through customers due to a US Customs and Border Protection computer malfunction.

The airline said passengers on the following flights were affected: Flight 207 - La Paz-Los Angeles (arrived 16:33); Flight 283 - Mazatlan-Los Angeles (arrived 16:36); Flight 291 - Puerto Vallarta-Los Angeles (arrived 17:18); Flight 277 - Los Cabos-Los Angeles (arrived 17:58); Flight 211 - Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa-Los Angeles (arrived 18:25); Flight 289 - Los Cabos-Los Angeles (arrived 19:35); and Flight 231 - Mexico City-Los Angeles (arrived 20:05).

In addition, Alaska Airlines confirmed Flight 225 from Cancun to Los Angeles was diverted to San Diego, where passengers went through customers before the flight departed again for Los Angeles, arriving at 23:09 on 11 August. Flights 207 and 283 were released by customs officials to deplane at 21:50 and 22:15 respectively, on Saturday, with the remaining five flights due to follow.

The airline provided food, beverages, nappies and baby formula for passengers affected by the delay and worked to reschedule passengers who had missed connecting flights.

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Date:Aug 13, 2007
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