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Alarm clock system that wakes you up with targeted light and sound.

It's a struggle for a lot of people to wake up in the morning, especially if it's backed up by the momentum of a fun and relaxing weekend.

A lot of people would rather spend some quality time with their bed than face the world. Alas, it has to be done and hence we have the popularity of the morning coffee to aid the zombies that lurk the streets.

Waking up is necessary but doing so with irritating alarms from your alarm clock or alarm app on your phone can be an annoying start to your day. If you have to wake up, it would be nicer to do so in a peaceful, less abrasive manner.

One of the worst things that can happen when using alarm clocks or alarm clock apps is waking up to your spouse's earlier alarm when you don't have to wake up yet. Sleep is precious so even just waking up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than you should can be annoying. Perhaps modern technology can be of help in solving these problems.

Kickstarter has an interesting fully funded project called Wak developed by Lucera Labs. It's a modern alarm clock system shaped like a box that the user can mount of top of his or her bed. It can mimic the sensation of the rising sun in your bedroom using a warm LED light, aiding to a less abrasive way of waking up.

The best part is that the system can target both the light and a chosen alarm sound (which can be something a bit more peaceful like birds chirping) at a specific person, so that only the person that needs to wake up will have to wake up. This is done using an infrared sensor that can find you based on your body heat and the setting for which side of the bed you're on. The system has a special speaker that uses ultrasonic waves to target the alarm sound without bothering the other person.

The Wak alarm system connects to your Android or iOS device, where an app can be used to manage its settings. This includes things like the side of the bed you're on, the alarm time, the intensity of the LED light, or the volume of the alarm sound.

Waking up in the morning more peacefully can help you start the day in the right mood, which can lead to a more productive day.

If that also means not having to wake up your spouse when she or she doesn't have to, then all the better.


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Title Annotation:Technology
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:May 11, 2015
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