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Alan Gill. Interrupted Journeys: Young Refugees from Hitler's Third Reich.

Alan Gill. Interrupted Journeys: Young Refugees from Hitler's Third Reich, Simon & Schuster, Pbk, 2004, ISBN 0731812298, $34.95

As the dark storm clouds of World War 2 threatened to engulf Europe a small number of German and Austrian teenagers fled Nazi oppressio in their homeland, leaving behind their parents, families and everything familiar, to obtain refuge in Australia. Simultaneously an exodus of younger Jewish children later to be known as Kindertransports were heading for Britain. Many arrived only days or hours before Britain and France formally declared war. The majority in both groups would never see their parents again.

Not all were able to participate in these 'escape lines'. The return of peace heralded another exodus from 'old Europe'--this time many thousands of Jewish children, dubbed 'war orphans', who had spent the war years in hiding, or incarcerated in concentration camps, bore the full brunt of Nazi horrors. They re-emerged after the war as displaced persons (known to most simply as DPs) to await re-settlement in a new host country. Australia, by virtue of its remoteness, proved a popular choice.

ALAN GILL, formerly the Sydney Morning Herald's long-time Religion writer, is the author of Orphans of the Empire, which tells the compelling story of several thousand British child migrants, sometimes known as the white stolen children or Leaving of Liverpool kids.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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