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Al-Wasila Trust.

Byline: Asma Hamza

Running through the veins of the country, Al-Wasila Trust provides aid to many areas of social needs. The owner Ustadh Asim Ismail is an entrepreneur and an educationist, who firmly believes in uplifting the society. Al-Wasila Trust assists individuals in raising their living standards and becoming more responsible members of the society.

Ummati, Khair List, Markaz-e-Shifa, Rozgar, Safai Wala, Rehen Sehen, and Qatrah are the currently operating projects.

Rozgar, the first project initiated by Al-Wasila, is a microfinance programme. It provides loans to the needy for their business startup. Loans from five thousand to forty thousand are sanctioned and later returned from the revenue generated from each individual's business. The project generally supports twenty-five to thirty people a month and approximately five hundred applicants are currently involved in the project.

As an ideal state, Ustadh Asim suggests that each donor should take responsibility for one business loan, which is between Rs. 30,000 - 40,000. Zakat is not accepted for the funding of this particular project.

Usually 80-85% of the funded amount is returned in the form of business revenue. The defaulters were found mostly to be honest people, who defaulted due to sickness or child birth. This led to the establishment of the next project, Markaz-e-Shifa.

Markaz-e-Shifa operates six Out Patient Departments around the city, which charge only Rs. 20-30 as consultation charges and medicines. In case of child birth, the patients are referred to Modern Hospital, where, as per the hospital's agreement with Al-Wasila Trust, they are provided with all the required facilities. The patient has to pay only for the medicines. The project faces an expenditure shortfall of approximately four lakh rupees per month. Donations and funding in the form of Zakat and charity are accepted.

Rehen Sehen started with the idea of providing household necessities to the underprivileged at a bare minimum cost. It operates by collecting household items from the donor's house. Items then reach a factory, where they are refurbished and then sent for sale to the Rehen Sehen outlets located at Falcon Plaza-Tariq Road and Malir Cantonment (Karachi). Only ten percent of the cost - as per the market value of the item - is charged from the customer. For more expensive items, however, this cost is reduced to five percent. Rehen Sehen will soon be operating in Orangi Town at its new showroom. The continuation of the project requires generous donations, as it suffers a shortfall of nearly two lakhs per month. Both Zakat and charity are welcomed.

One of the major issues faced by the underprivileged community of the society is cleanliness of the surrounding. Safai Wala project was initiated to take care of this matter. This one of its kind project currently operates in three sectors of Korangi. Almost seven thousand houses are provided with garbage collecting facility at their doorstep. Cleaning of the streets and surroundings, disposing off the overflowing Cantonment garbage bins in a proper manner and fixing all sewerage problems in the area are all part of the provided service. Safai Wala charges a maximum of Rs. 100 per house and therefore requires heavy donations for its operations and expansion. Also this project suffers an expense shortfall of nearly two lakh Rupees monthly. Both Zakat and charity are welcomed.

Ummati disaster relief is a project which helps the Muslim Ummah around the globe. It provides relief to the disaster struck zones in the form of orphanages, old age homes and mosques in Somalia, Burma and Syria. The operations have slowed down recently due to the current foreign policies, which make fund transfer difficult.

Qatrah is the recent project initiated by Al-Wasila. Under this program, four RO Plants have already been installed in different areas of Karachi. Here, clean and pure water is sold at a cost of fifty Paisa per litre making it feasible for everyone to buy quality water. One can put his share in this deed of Khair by donating for an RO plant, which costs around seven lakhs.

While all the other projects are field based, is a website designed to assist you in helping the poor around you. On this website, all free of cost and subsidiary programs running throughout the city have been gathered on a single platform. If your maid needs a heart surgery, all projects working in the specific regard will appear on your screen by just a tap of a finger. It costs nothing and provides instant assistance within your reach.

Sasta Bazar project is the recent venture. This project is still in its pilot stage and is getting a wonderful response from the masses.

Sasta Bazar is literally a Bazar put up to buy green groceries and meat within affordable range. The produce is transported in a donated vehicle from Sabzi Mandi, where the sellers sell goods at a cost lower than the cost price. A kilogram of potato would be sold at Rs. 5 in this Bazar, if the market value is twenty Rupees. This is an on cost project and does not require any funding.

Al-Wasila has recently introduced Power Box to support its programs. This package helps you collect Sadaqah and donate from the convenience of your home. It is a two way box that conveniently becomes an essential accessory of your dining table. It serves as a tissue box as well as a table calendar that helps you remember important dates and events. This unit serves more than just a penny bank! It is also a reminder for you and your kids about saving and sharing. How? The box comes with a list of guidelines to help you remember when to donate.

One of the medium to carry out the fore mentioned prodigious tasks is the donation collected monthly from your power box!

You may order your Power Box at just a minimal cost of Rs. 1500 or get it absolutely free of cost right at your doorstep and enter the Khair business for you and your family.
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Date:Aug 2, 2019
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