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Al-Jubouri to Kubis: The lives of our people in Fallujah occupies a priority in the fight against terrorism.

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said that "the lives and souls of our people in Fallujah occupies a priority in the fight against terrorism." A statement by the Office of al-Jubouri, said that he discussed with the Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Jan Kubis, the political crisis and liberation operations that take place in Anbar province. He added that during the interview, "they reviewed the events and developments on the political and security situation and the efforts for resolving the current political crisis, in addition to liberation operations that are taking place in al-Anbar province." The Speaker of parliament stressed keenness and follow up the progress of the fighting there "in order to spare civilians and families besieged harm, and we look forward to the salvation of the latest civilian of the sons of Fallujah without harm," stressing that "the lives and souls of our people occupies a priority in the fight against terrorism." He pointed out that "in Fallujah today there are innocents trapped who sacrificed so much for their rejection of terrorism of Daash, and we are today close to them and reassure them." For his part, Kubis blessed the liberation operations in Anbar province, and the victories achieved in Ratba and Karma, noting that this victory will give further momentum and raise morale among Iraqi fighter for the liberation of all the soil of the homeland, according to the statement. / End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:May 26, 2016
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