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Al-Hayat Highlights Popularity of Syrian Blood Libel Book.

By The Middle East Media Research Institute

The London Arabic daily Al-Hayat has reported that Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass's book "The Matzah of Zion," which presents the Damascus blood libel of 1840 as a "historical fact," enjoyed high popularity at the international book fair held in Damascus. The following are excerpts from the article:

A source in the Tlass Publishing House for Research and Translation told Al-Hayat that it would attach a document or a new chapter in upcoming reprints. Which will shed light on the distortion of the Torah [by the Jews] and on the criminal Jewish religious rituals. He said he would do it on the basis of the belief in Allah's words, be he praised...)

"The present reprint includes a part of Tlass's dissertation and a translation of a book named 'The Young Martyr of Prague' that tells the story of the murder of the youth Simon Abeles in 1694 in Prague, Czechoslovakia...Recently, Tlass responded to accusations that he is anti-Semitic, saying: 'Don't they know what anti-Semitism means? Do they know I'm an Arab, and the Arabs are Semites, and being anti-Arab is being anti-Semitic?'"

"The official Syrian response to the same accusation was: 'We are not racists, we are not against the monotheistic religions and the Jewish religion amongst them; we are against Zionism.'"

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Author:Middle East Media Research Institute
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Date:Oct 23, 2002
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