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Al-Abadi renews his commitment to full liberation of the ground in Iraq before the end of this year.

Baghdad/ National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, renewed his commitment to the full liberalization of the Iraqi land from the occupation of Daesh before the end of this year. Al-Abadi said during a meeting this evening with the Head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Mu'ayad Al-Lami and heads and media organizations in the presence of a number of MPs, that Iraq is on the threshold of a new phase of certain victory and decisive battles and construction to take its natural role in life. He stressed the importance of the leading role of the Iraqi media in the face of terrorism and toxins emitted by the hostile media disinformation in addition to mobilizing energies towards the decisive battle against Daesh terrorism. Al-Abadi called on the sons of Mosul to commit to their homes at the start of military operations in order to preserve their lives, stressing that residents welcome the liberated areas to the security forces will not increase it, but determined to defeat Daesh and speed up the process of eliminating it. On the Turkish intervention in Iraqi affairs and their hints of interfering in the operation of liberation of Mosul, al-Abadi said it could lead to think seriously about the intentions of the Turkish leadership, which could affect the date of the liberation of Mosul operations despite our determination to end this matter before the end of this year. Al-Abadi called on the Turkish friendly people to put pressure on his government to end its military presence on the ground in Iraq, especially since Iraq's close ties with the Turkish people and their interests can not alienate them and everyone works to end Daesh and its terrorism. The Prime Minister denied that Iraq has signed an agreement with the Turkish side, which allows the entry of Turkish troops into the ground in Iraq, stressing that all that happened was a request from the Turkish side, for the training of a few hundred of Iraqi police, which the Turkish side has not fulfilled. He stressed that Iraq can not allow to any foreign power to intervene in the liberation operation of Mosul, but considers the forces that take part in this operation without the approval of Iraq as invading forces, and we will deal with them on that basis. Abadi called on Arab states to take a more positive attitude with Iraq sought to liberate their land from terrorism, stressing that a positive attitude must contribute on one way or another in accelerating the process of eliminating terrorism and its sources. For his part, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Al-Lami stressed , during the meeting, the readiness of the media in various denominations to take a leading role in the decisive battles for liberation and mobilize energies internally and externally in order to support every effort toward achieving victory ./End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Oct 16, 2016
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