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Al Goodloe inducted into NEPA Hall of Fame.

Probably the biggest surprise in the election of Alfred M. Goodloe into the NEPA Hall of Fame was that he wasn't already one of the 21 members of this elite body.

The affable Al Goodloe was a founding member of the association, served on its board of directors for six years, and has been a regular and well-received speaker at NEPA conferences, including his own annual meeting on international marketing which is now co-sponsored by NEPA.

Marjorie Weiner, who introduced Goodloe, said, "Al was a pioneer in opening international markets to hundreds if not thousands of newsletter publishers by teaching us how to reach the rest of the world via direct marketing.

"By following Al's freely given advice over the last four decades, we have been able to sell our products successfully outside of the United States.

"Al is president of Direct International Inc. and is a leading authority on international direct marketing" Weiner continued.

"He is the former president of the Alexander Hamilton Institute, a leading publisher of newsletters, books, and educational programs designed for the overseas market. He is publisher of Publishers Multinational Direct, a popular newsletter focusing on the international publishing marketplace."

1501 Third Ave., New York, NY 10028. 212-861-4188, fax 212-628-5070.

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Al Goodloe tells this story:

"I was over at a conference in Switzerland a few years ago, and a group of people were talking about me. They said, 'Al Goodloe's a name merchant. You see him stealing around late at night in Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich and Hong Kong with a big bag over his shoulder. Those are the international names he's bringing back to the United States.'

"This may not be flattering, but it's true. This was the way you got lists back then. You went around and begged for them and had long dinners at luxurious restaurants and would bargain over names. People back then would not give up their lists unless they knew you and felt comfortable with you. Of course, we now have international list brokers, and names that were once very hard to get are now available."
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Jun 15, 2003
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