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Al 'Adasani and Maani Lay Foundation Stone for Arab Forum for Information Systems Headquarters.

Summary: The Secretary-General of the Arab Towns Organization (ATO), Abdul 'Aziz Al Adsani, and Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani, laid the foundation stone for the new headquarters of the Arab Forum for Information Systems (AFIS) in Tla' Al Ali district.

The Secretary-General of the Arab Towns Organization (ATO), Abdul 'Aziz Al Adsani, and Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani, laid the foundation stone for the new headquarters of the Arab Forum for Information Systems (AFIS) in Tla' Al Ali district.

Al 'Adsani explained that AFIS collaborates with the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI), the Arab Towns Organization Award (ATO Award), and the Arab Towns Development Fund, with the aim of modernizing Arab towns, and enabling them to face the challenges and requirements of sustainable development.

The Secretary-General said, "Information technology plays an increasingly important role in urban development, and serves as a contact with the civilized world for the advancement of Arab cities."

Al 'Adsani praised the efforts of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) in receiving the ATO and paying it the utmost care and attention. He also commended GAM's effective participation in the Organization's activities.

From his end, Eng. Maani stated that, since being assigned as AFIS coordinator, GAM has provided the resources and support necessary for AFIS to achieve its goals. These include helping the technological advancement of municipalities, and rehabilitating their human resources through training courses and exchanges of know-how.

Director of AFIS, Eng. Jamil Al 'Omlah, said that the pioneering part that ATO plays falls in line with its constant efforts to develop the capabilities of member Arab towns and municipalities in all fields and specializations.

"The Arab Towns Organization is interested in keeping pace with the information and technological revolution that has taken the world by storm and infiltrated all spheres of life, becoming a measure of the progress and success of various institutions," he added.

The foundation stone was laid during a celebration, attended by Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AUDI and a number of mayors of Arab towns participating in the second US-Arab Cities Forum that was recently held in Amman. Also attending were the Deputy Mayor of Amman and a number of high-ranking GAM officials.

During the event, Al 'Omlah gave a speech commending GAM's efforts to provide AFIS with care and support, stemming from its deep-rooted belief in the importance of cooperative Arab work. He also clarified that AFIS was about to hold its first conference this October in Amman, under the banner "Towards an Electronic Arab Municipality."

The AFIS premise which covers an area of 3890 square meters encompasses two domains of activity; the first is an investment activity, the returns of which will fund AFIS. Furthermore, the first, second, and ground floors of the building, covering a total area of 1585 square meters, will be slated for this first part.

The second part of the project includes administrative activities pertaining to AFIS department and computer labs, and will be situated on the third, fourth, and ground floors, covering an area of 1223 square meters, in addition to the basement (services) floor.

The new headquarters of AFIS are to be located on a piece of land belonging to GAM, with an area of 1660 square meters in Tla' Al Ali, behind the International Academy for Aviation Technology / Mahmoud Kamel Street. Laying this project's foundation stone comes as part of GAM's centennial celebrations.

Within this context, the Arab Forum for Information Systems / ATO was inaugurated in Amman in Al Mahata district, in March, 2007, coinciding with Arab City Day.

AFIS aims at developing and improving the capabilities of the member Arab municipalities in the fields of technology and IT by training and qualifying the human resources working therein, and exchanging know-how, technical support, and advice. AFIS also aims at building a technical and scientific reference for Arab towns and linking their websites through an Arab towns' network, providing the means of exchanging information and data between these towns, and publishing integrated information about each town on the internet.

It is worth noting that the Kuwait-based Arab Towns Organization is a non-governmental organization, established on March 15, 1967, taking in 400 Arab town members. 2009 Al Bawaba (

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