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Akzo Nobel Resins. (Technical Profiles).


Akzo Nobel Resins is a leading global supplier of rosin-based resins, alkyds, acrylics and varnishes for all printing processes and coatings applications. We have manufacturing facilities in Europe, North and South America and Asia.


Akzo Nobel Resins offers a wide range of products:

* Rosin-based resins, alkyds, acrylics and varnishes for printing and coating applications.

* Phenolic-modified rosin-based resins for offset inks.

* Rosin-modified resins for inks, adhesives and coatings.

* Rosin-based resinates for publication gravure printing.

* Fumaric modified rosin resins for water-based flexo inks.

* Varnishes and alkyds for offset ink systems.

* Wax compounds for offset ink systems

* Diluents and oligomers for coatings, inks and adhesives.

* UV/ EB oligomers and monomers.


Akzo Nobel Resins focuses on a customer-intimate market approach involving a close working partnership with our customers around the world while keeping in tune with local market performance requirements.


The Filtrez and VSPR structured phenolic resins provide the right range of solubility and structure to meet the challenge of high-speed printing. The BenchMark series takes advantage of the new resin technology to enhance sheetfed ink performance. Specialty oligomers for radiation curing is an Akzo Nobel strength.


Akzo Nobel Resins R&D laboratories include:

* Arnhem, The Netherlands -- Innovative R&D

* Baxley and Concordia - Product Development, Rosin Resins

* Matteson -- Varnishes

* Eccles, U.K. -- UV/EB Curing

* Bergen op Zoom -- Alkyds and Acrylics

* Santo Varao, Portugal


Akzo Nobel Resins is committed to Total Quality Management including the integration of quality systems at all Western Hemisphere facilities. We employ the latest analytical technology available. We are active on ASTM test standards committees for ink, resins, and vehicles as well as other industry test standards committees. Akzo Nobel conforms to the ISO 9002 quality system. We are committed to the Responsible Care program of the chemical industry and follow the principles of achieving best practice for all aspects of our activities.


Akzo Nobel -- Creating the solution together.

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21625 Oak Street

Matteson, IL 60443


Tel.: (800) 225-4393

Fax: (708) 481-5978



Founded: 1935

Additional facilities: Baxley, GA New Brunswick, NJ Eccles, UK Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands Santo Varao, Portugal Concordia, Argentina Malacca, Malaysia

Sales Contact North America: John Schultz

European Contact: Jaap Vanden Born

Latin American Contact: Jorge Nieszawski

Asian Contact: Diego Mira

Technical Contact: Resins John Daust

Varnishes Chris Holmes

Radiation Curing Resins John Braddock

Major Products:

Filtrez Rosin-Based Resins

* Setalin Alkyds

* Acrylics and Rosin-Based Resins

* VSPR & SPR Rosin-Based Resins

* BenchMark Varnishes

* Primalene Compounds

* Actilane UV/EB Curing Chemicals
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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