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Aksakov, Sergei Timofeyevich.

Aksakov, Sergei Timofeyevich

(1791 - 1859) Russian writer. Born in Ufa, in the eastern steppes of Russia, Aksakov attended the University of Kazan and entered government service in Moscow. His early writing consisted mainly of essays and articles on the theatre. The novelist Gogol, who became a close friend of Aksakov in the early 1830s, urged him to write the reminiscences of his early life in the steppe country. Aksakov produced three autobiographical works: Semeinaya khronika ( The Family Chronicle, 1856), Vospominaniya ( Reminiscences, 1856), and Detskiye gody bagrova vnuka ( Years of Childhood of Bagrov's Grandson,

1858). In the Chronicle and Years of Childhood, Aksakov used fictitious names for his family. All three of these works, which are masterpieces of description and narration, have become classics in Russian literature. Aksakov's prose style is placed on a level with the best Russian prose writers, including Pushkin, Lermontov, and Turgenev. The love of the old patriarchal Russian way of life that is revealed in Aksakov's memoirs was passed on to his children. Two of his sons, Konstantin (1817 - 60) and Ivan (1823 - 86), became leading members of Slavophilism.

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