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Akron hosts Rubber Division, ACS.

The Spring 169th Technical Meeting of the Rubber Division, American Chemical Society, will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Akron, OH, May 8-10. The meeting will feature technical symposia in which researchers, specialists and industrial technologists will report on the latest scientific and technical advances in the rubber and polymer industries.

The Rubber Division has made changes and additions to this meeting. The new spring meeting format focuses on high profile, invited speakers who will address key topics of interest to those in the rubber and related industries.

In addition, two items will be included as part of the meeting registration fee, including an interactive and searchable CD-ROM of all the technical presentations, and entrance to the Science and Technology Awards Banquet.

Six outstanding individuals will be recognized for their contributions to the rubber industry at the Science and Technology Awards Banquet, to be held May 9 at the John S Knight Center.

Dr. Robert F. Landel, a polymer physical chemist and rheologist, retired from CalTech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will receive the Rubber Division's Charles Goodyear Medal.

Dr. Meng-Jiao Wang, senior member of the technical staff at Cabot, will receive the Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award, sponsored by Chemtura.

Dr. Vassilios Galiatsatos, project manager of the Novolen joint venture created by Lyondell Chemical and ABB Lummus global, will receive the Sparks-Thomas Award, sponsored by ExxonMobil Chemical.

Dr. Gregory B. McKenna, the Paul Whitfield Horn Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University, will receive the George S. Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research, sponsored by Cabot.

Dr. Christopher W. Macosko, professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota and director of the Industrial Partnership for Research in Interfacial and Materials Engineering, will receive the Fernley H. Banbury Award, sponsored by Farrel.

Dr. Garth L. Wilkes, University Distinguished Professor (Emeritus), Department of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, will receive the Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award, sponsored by Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P.

Immediately following the banquet will be a presentation by Dr. Robert E Landel, the 2006 Charles Goodyear Medalist, who will speak on his lifetime of research and experimentation in polymer physical chemistry and rheology. Each of the distinguished Science and Technology Awards winners will also give presentations on their work during a special winners' symposium in the afternoon.

The Suppliers Reception will be held Monday, May 8, from 5:30 until 6:30 at the Radisson Hotel. The 25-Year-Club Dinner will take place that evening from 6:30 until 8 p.m. The Business and Awards Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 10at 11 a.m.

The first ever Chair's Classic Golf Outing will be held May 10 at the Firestone Country Club. Hosted by 2006 Rubber Division Chair Andrew Claytor, this event will take place on the afternoon following the close of the technical meeting.

On Monday afternoon, May 8, the Rubber Division will sponsor a Marketing and Sales Workshop. Information will be presented on finding cost-effective ways to increase awareness and warm up cold calls; increasing lead generation to more quickly convert a prospect into a customer; improving marketing skills by using press releases in non-traditonal ways; reducing overall advertising budgets without sacrificing effectiveness; and developing more targeted direct response marketing campaigns.

This workshop will be instructed by Chris Brown, founder of Marketing Resources & Results, a firm dedicated to helping marketing and sales professionals increase their marketing results.

Registration costs for this workshop range from $199 to $405. This workshop can be added to the technical meeting registration for $99.

The technical program for the Rubber Division's Spring 169th Technical Meeting is as follows:

Monday, May 8, morning session Andrew Claytor, Teknor Apex, moderator.

(1) Keynote Address: Forging ahead with technologies in the tire industry's ever-changing challenges. Hiroshi Mouri, Bridgestone Americas Center for Research and Technology.

(2) Plenary Lecture: Synthesis of in-chain and chain-end functionalized polymers using alkylithium-initiated anionic polymerization. Rod Quirk, University of Akron.

(3) Mechanistic investigations on the adhesion mechanism between RFL-treated reinforcing cords and rubber. Jacques Noordermeer, University of Twente, the Netherlands.

(4) Improved processing cis-l,4-polybutadiene. Kenneth Castner, Goodyear Tire & Rubber.

(5) Chemical modification of ground rubber. Cal Moreland, Michelin Tire.

Monday, May 8, afternoon session Walter Waddell, ExxonMobil Chemical, moderator.

(6) Plenary Lecture: The chemical reactions of network structures in elastomers. Jack Koenig, Case Western Reserve University.

(7) Dynamical phase behavior of polymers undergoing large deformation in rubbery state as revealed by mechano-optical behavior in uni- and biaxial deformation modes. Mukerrem Cakmak, University of Akron.

(8) Morphology and property of nylon/MIMSM DVA innerliner material. Andy Tsou, ExxonMobil Chemical.

(9) A novel miniature universal testing device for broad-range physical material characterization of rubber. Martin Sentmanat, Xpansion Instruments.

(10) Applications of modern TEM to rubbers and polymers. Anton-Jan Bons, ExxonMobil Chemical Europe.

Tuesday, May 9, morning session Andy Tsou, ExxonMobil Chemical, moderator.

(11) Plenary Lecture: Nanocomposites and nanofluids. Emmanuel P. Giannelis, Cornell University.

(12) Nanoscale inorganic additives for advanced materials. Antoine Guiu, Rhodia Research & Technology.

(13) Plenary Lecture: Mechanics of the large deformation behavior of carbon nanotube enhanced elastomeric materials. Mary Boyce, MIT.

(14) Recent developments in finite element analysis of rubber components. David Nicholson, University of Central Florida.

(15) New insights into particle-reinforced elastomers: Physics of soft glassy materials. Christopher Robertson, Bridgestone Americas Center for Research and Technology.

Tuesday, May 9, afternoon session Krishna C. Baranwal, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, moderator.

(16) Charles Goodyear Medal Award Winner Address. Robert F. Landel.

(17) Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award Winner Address: Effect of filler-elastomer interaction on hysteresis, micro-elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication and abrasion on filled vulcanizates. Meng-Jiao Wang, Cabot.

(18) Sparks-Thomas Award Winner Address: Understanding polymer net work structure through computer simulations. Vassilios Galiatsatos, Lyondell Chemical.

(19) Femley Banbury Award Winner Address: Polymer-polymer reactions to compatibilize blends and enhance adhesion. Chris Macosko, University of Minnesota.

(20) Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award Winner Address: A brief reflection on some of the highlights of over 35 years of research on elastomeric polyurethanes. Garth Wilkes, Virginia Tech.

(21) George Stafford Whitby Award Winner Address: Rheological responses of ultrathin polymer films and surfaces. Gregory B. McKenna, Texas Tech University.

Wednesday, May 10, morning session Kikuyo Min, University of Akron, moderator.

(22) Plenary Lecture: Interracial phenomena of filled rubber blends. Robert Schuster, Deutsche Institut fur Kautchuk-technologic.

(23) The rocky road to perfect silica compounds. Karl H. Menting, Schill & Seilacher Struktol AG

(24) Plenary Lecture: Innovation in materials for tires. Maurizio Galimberti, Pirelli.

(25) Carbon black morphological and microstructural properties and their influence on the thermal conductivity and reinforcement in a model curing bladder compound. Weidong Wang, Columbian Chemical.

(26) The single test solution for rubber mixing. John Dick, Alpha Technologies.

Immediately following the spring meeting will be a joint conference by the Rubber Division, the University of Akron's College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering and Polymer-Ohio, the TPE Conference, to be held May 11-12.

The TPE Conference will bring together the many agencies and companies associated with thermoplastic elastomers within the rubber and pharmaceutical industries.

The conference will open with a keynote address from Dr. James J. Barry, vice president of research for Boston Scientific, and will feature presentions on new biomedical developments in TPEs and TPE materials for the 21st century.

The TPE Conference will also include a tour of the University of Akron's College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering on the afternoon of May 10.

Tabletop exhibits will be displayed during the reception that will be held on the evening of May 11 at the Radisson Hotel, immediately following the conclusion of the day's technical presentations.

The technical program for the TPE Conference is as follows:

Thursday, May 11, morning session New biomedical developments in TPEs Judit E. Puskas, University of Akron, moderator.

(1) Keynote Address: Key considerations for the use of polymer carriers drug eluting stents. James J. Barry, Boston Scientific.

(2) What do medical products companies expect from you? Working in a regulated industry. Thomas R. Hutchinson, Pfizer.

(3) Recent developments in pharmaceutical analysis of TPE containing in halation products. Cheryl L.M. Smits, Nektar Therapeutics.

(4) Effect of architecture on the properties of polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic elastomers. Judit E. Puskas, University of Akron.

(5) Elastomeric closures for parental products--are TPEs the future? Doug Duriez, West Pharmaceutical Services.

(6) Applications and limitations of TPEs for use in pharmaceutical products. Thomas Gurley, Hospira.

Thursday, May 11, afternoon session TPE materials for the 21st century Charles Rader, Rubber Division, moderator.

(7) Development of a new generation of SBC by living carbocationic polymerization: Synthesis, performance characteristics and potential applications of Sibstar. Masahiro Asada, Kaneka.

(8) Innovative Kraton for high flow and high melt strength TPEs. Xavier D. Muyldermans, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

(9) Thermoplastic elastomers for overmolding onto engineering thermoplastics. Krishna Venkataswamy, GLS.

(10) New polyurethane and polyurea segmented copolymers prepared without chain extenders--structure and property behavior. Garth L. Wilkes, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

(11) Effects of copolymer architecture on the morphology and properties of styrene/isoprene block copolymers. Jimmy Mays, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

(12) Triphasic poly(acrylic acid-b-styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene-b-acrylic acid) TPEs with enhanced water permeability. Robson E Storey, University of Southern Mississippi.

Friday, May 12, morning session TPE Materials for the 21st Century Jospeh Pfeifer, Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P., moderator.

(13) TPEs via carbocationic polymerization. Joseph P Kennedy, University of Akron.

(14) Crosslink density in thermoplastic vulcanizates by solid-state NRM. Weiguo Hu and Maria Ellul, Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P.

(15) Elastomeric nanofiber drug delivery systems. Daniel J. Smith, University of Akron.

(16) Soft thermoplastic vulcanizates for long term elastic recovery applications. Jin- Woong Shin, Teknor Apex.

(17) How can you benefit from Si-based technology for TPV production? Valerie Smits, Dow Coming S.A.

(18) Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer blends: A comparative study of structure-rheology-property relationships for EPDM/PP thermoplastic vulcanizates and SEBS/PP blends. Jacques W.M. Noordemeer, University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Registration fees for the TPE Conference range from $175 to $300. Further information on the TPE Conference and the Rubber Division Spring 169th Technical Meeting is available from Sue Barr at the Rubber Division (330) 972-7424.
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