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Akron, OH, hosts Rubber Division.

The Spring 171st Technical Meeting & Educational Workshops of the Rubber Division, American Chemical Society, will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Akron, OH, April 30-May 2.

The 3rd Rubber Modified Asphalt Conference will be held May 3-4, following the Rubber Division meeting.

This Spring 171st Technical Meeting will feature technical symposia in which researchers, specialists and industrial technologists will report on the latest scientific and technical advances in the robber and polymer industries.

The Science and Technology Awards Banquet will be held on May l, at which time the Division will honor Dr. Karl A. Grosch by awarding him the Charles Goodyear Medal Award (see page 50 for further coverage of the Science and Technology Award winners).

The Sponsors' Reception will take place Monday evening, April 30, at the Radisson Hotel. The 25 Year Club dinner will also be held Monday evening, April 30. The Business & Awards meeting will take place Wednesday morning, May 2.

On Wednesday afternoon, May 2, the Chair's Classic Golf Outing will take place at Firestone Country Club.

The technical program for the Spring 171st Technical Meeting of the Rubber Division, ACS, is as follows:

Monday, April 30, morning session

Syed K. Mowdood, Tire R&D Consulting, moderator.

(1) Keynote Address: The tire industry. William Hopkins, Goodyear Tire & Rubber.

(2) Technical innovation in the tire industry. Joseph Walters, University of Akron.

(3) Elastomers for tire materials. Yoichi Ozawa, Bridgestone-Firestone.

(4) Shearographic analysis of tire aging. Walter Waddell, ExxonMobil Chemical.

(5) Commercial truck tires and fuel economy. Guy Walenga, Bridgestone-Firestone.

Monday, April 30, afternoon session

Christopher G. Robertson, Bridgestone Americas, moderator.

(6) Plenary Lecture: Tack of elastomers--polymer entanglement and mechanical strength. Constantino Creton, ESPCI.

(7) Properties of rubber approaching its glass transition. Mike Roland, Naval Research Laboratory.

(8) Blends. Basil Favis, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.

(9) Advanced DVA tire innerliner technology. Yasu Hatano, Yokohama Tire and Rubber.

(10) An overview of high performance fibers. Vlodek Gabara, DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems.

Tuesday, May 1, morning session

Andy H. Tsou, ExxonMobil Chemical, moderator.

(11) Plenary Lecture: Three dimensional structure of fillers in rubber matrix studied by transmission. Hiroshi Jinnai, Kyoto Institute of Technology.

(12) 3D image analysis of electron tomograms of nano-particles in rubber. Cedric Gommes, University of Liege.

(13) Improving wet traction through the use of high performance silica tread compounds. Phillippe Cochet, Rhodia.

(14) Responsive binders for controlling dispersion behavior of fine particle clusters. Ica Manas, Case Western Reserve University.

(15) A new approach for obtaining durable adhesion between steel cords and the belt compound in tires. W. Van Ooij, University of Cincinnati.

Tuesday, May 1, afternoon session Science & Technology Award Winners Symposium

Krishna C. Baranwal, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, moderator.

(16) Charles Goodyear Medal Award address. Karl-Alfred Grosch.

(17) Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award address. Daniel L. Hertz, Jr., Seals Eastern.

(18) Sparks-Thomas Award address. William Mars, Cooper Tire.

(19) Chemistry of TPEs Award address. Dale J. Meier, Michigan Molecular Institute.

(20) George Stafford Whitby Award address. Burak, Erman, KOC University.

Wednesday, May 2, morning session

Amis U. Paeglis, Dow Chemical, moderator.

(21) Plenary Lecture: Polymer nanocomposites for intelligent materials. Rich Vaia, Air Force Research Lab.

(22) Polymer nanocomposites for shape memory applications. S. Jana, University of Akron.

(23) Rubber compounds. Frederick Ignatz-Hoover, Flexsys America L.P.

(24) Nanoscopic investigation of rubbers. Hikehiko Dohi, Sumitomo Research.

(25) Quantitative imaging of extended defects and non-uniformities in rubber compounds and related objects using a near-field 10 GHz sensor array. Massood Tabib-Azar, Case Western Reserve University.

Full registration for the 171st Technical Meeting of the Rubber Division, ACS, costs $295 for Division members and $455 for non-members before April 13. Further information is available from the Rubber Division (330) 972-7814 or at

Modified asphalt conference

The 3rd Modified Asphalt Conference is co-hosted by the Rubber Division, ACS, the Rubber Pavements Association and the Rubber Manufacturers Association, in conjunction with the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the Asphalt Institute, the National Center for Asphalt Technology, Flexible Pavements of Ohio, the Rubber Recycling Topical Group, the Federal Highway Administration and the Regional Environmental Protection Agency.

The technical program for the 3rd Rubber Modified Asphalt Conference is as follows:

Thursday, May 3, morning session

Ed Miller, Rubber Division, moderator.

(1) Keynote Address: Asphalt and petroleum supply. William Haverland, Conoco Phillips.

(2) EPA/RCC comprehensive study on rubber modified asphalt. Serji Armikhanian, Clemson University.

Thursday, May 3, morning session

Types of rubber modifiers

(3) SBR. Koichi Takamura, BASF.

(4) SBS. John D'Angelo, FHWA.

(5) STR. Barry Takallou, CRM.

Thursday, May 3, afternoon session Recent research with rubber modifiers

(6) ALF study to verify modifiers versus PG grades. Jack Youtcheff, FHWA.

(7) Study of polymer performance extended pavement life. Mark Buncher, Asphalt Institute.

(8) NCAT test track modifier performance update. Ray Brown, NCAT at Auburn University.

Thursday, May 3, afternoon session

Innovations with rubber in asphalt

(9) New processes. Hugh Chapman, Seneca.

(10) New asphalt binders with rubber. John Lightsay, Lion Copolymer, and Raj Dongre, Dongre Laboratory Services.

Friday, May 4, morning session

Environmental aspects

(11) Rubber in quiet pavements. Speaker to be announced.

(12) Rubber leachate studies. Dana Humphrey, University of Maine.

(13) Rubber in RAP/Caltrans Study. Anne Stonex, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting.

Friday, May 4, morning session

Case studies

(14) Smooth seal applications in Ohio. Dave Powers, Ohio Department of Transportation.

(15) Rubber modified asphalt in racetracks. Mark Belshe, FNF Construction.

Registration for the 3rd Rubber Modified Asphalt Conference before April 13 is $100 for government employees and $195 for non-government participants. Further information is available from the Rubber Division (330) 972-7814 or at

Technical and business workshops offered during the 171st Spring Technical Meeting of the Rubber Division, ACS, will include a half day workshop April 30 on "Excel tools and tricks for rubber industry professionals." This course will be instructed by Gary Fitzmartin of Business Technologies International.

Another half day workshop to be held on Monday, April 30, will be "You're on-line--so why isn't it working?" This workshop will be instructed by Angela Charles and John Inama of Polysort LLC.

On Tuesday, May 1, a seminar will be held on "Mixing and testing for compounding consistency." This one-day seminar provides specific details describing control of the mixing process and the testing procedures to measure the effectiveness of this control.

Registration fees for these workshops and seminars range from $195 to $680. Further information on them is available from the Rubber Division (330) 972-7814 or at
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