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Akorn introduces dry eye a new diagnostic product.

Akorn, Inc. (Buffalo Grove, IL; 847-279-6151) announced the launch of a new ophthalmic diagnostic product, Akorn's D.E.T. (Dry Eye Test). The test is the first simple, accurate and reproducible test for the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome . The product has been licensed to Akorn for sale in the United States and Europe from ORB, Inc. of Boston, MA. Dr. Donald Korb is the founder of ORB and is the inventor of Dry Eye Test. Dr. Korb is in the process of obtaining patent protection for his invention.

Akorn's Dry Eye Test has the unique ability to consistently instill micro volumes of fluorescein into the patient's eye. The reproducible instillation of a consistent volume of fluorescein eliminates tear film disruption and allows for the accurate measurement of fluorescein breakup time -- the most common test used to diagnose various dry eye conditions. The size and softness of the Dry Eye Test strip causes no sensation, which means no reflex tearing. By controlling excess fluorescein in the tear film and reflex tearing, Dry Eye Test gives the doctor an accurate, controlled, reproducible result.

Mr. Floyd Benjamin, Akorn's president and CEO stated that, "Akorn feels that Dry Eye Test is an important diagnostic addition to Akorn's ophthalmic line, and most importantly, Dry Eye Test should fulfill the unmet need of the ophthalmic community for an effective dry eye test to benchmark and track a patient's condition." Mr. Benjamin further stated that, "Akorn estimates the market for this definitive dry eye test to be in the range of $4 to $6 million dollars per year. Furthermore, we feel that this market size is incremental to the current market that Akorn participates in with its other ophthalmic diagnostic products."

Akorn manufactures and markets sterile specialty pharmaceuticals, and markets and distributes an extensive line of pharmaceuticals and ophthalmic surgical supplies and related products.
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Comment:Akorn introduces dry eye a new diagnostic product.
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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