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Akihabara 'voice actor cafe' attracts anime fans.

TOKYO, Sept. 27 Kyodo

A cafe in Tokyo's Akihabara area has employed an unusual strategy to attract fans of manga and anime, hiring staff who also work as professional voice actors and can entertain customers by reciting dialogue in character.

At Seiyu Cafe (voice actor cafe), customers can ask their favorite staff member to play a character of their choosing.

Masaya Matsukaze, cafe manager and voice actor, said, ''I wanted to create a new type pf performance space for talented voice actors who are struggling to catch a break.''

The 36-seat cafe has been in operation since this summer in the district which is Tokyo's hub for manga and animation fans.
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Publication:Japan Computer Industry Scan
Geographic Code:9JAPA
Date:Oct 3, 2011
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