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Airweave debuts sleep topper line at NY now.

THERE ARE FEW IN THE INDUSTRY AS PASSIONATE about quality and restorative sleep than Motokuni Takaoka, founder, chairman and CEO of airweave, maker of innovative high-performance bedding toppers that will make their U.S. trade show debut at NY Now this month.

Using Japanese technology, the toppers are made of three dimensional entwined resin fibers that provide proper airflow and body temperature control, allowing deeper, higher quality and more restorative sleep, according to Takaoka.

Airweave has grown into a $100 million brand in Japan in less than eight years, and Takaoka said he expects that the U.S. market is poised for even more dramatic sales.

The company just introduced a special Portable Dual Mode Team USA Model in collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), which offers different levels of firmness on each side of the topper and is made for on-the-go use. It allows the user to choose one side or the other for what best fits his or her physical condition for a particular day. For example, Takaoka said, an athlete would use the firm side after a strenuous workout when the body is fatigued and enjoy the softer side on lighter training days.

Airweave has partnered with the USOC since 2014, and nearly one-third of all medaling athletes at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games were members of Olympic Teams supported by airweave portable bedding toppers, according to a company statement.

Less than two inches thick, the airweave bedding toppers are also used in the diamond suites at the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco, Four Seasons in Tokyo, and Andaz 5th Avenue and select floors of The Kitano, both luxury hotels in New York City. The company's toppers are also used in Japan Airlines' first class and business class cabins, and were awarded Best Seat by SKY-TRAX in 2013.

"Health conscious people are very aware of the importance of exercise, nutrition and the food they eat, and are just beginning to understand the important role quality sleep plays in good health," Takaoka said. "It is our job to educate the consumer about the importance of the bedding topper to quality sleep," he said, adding that airweave bedding toppers on top of even an inferior mattress will assure more restorative sleep.

Pillows made with the same airweave technology will also be on display at NY Now.

Company rolls out new Portable Dual Mode Team USA Model for on-the-go use

Caption: Motokuni Takaoka

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