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Airspray International.


The Netherlands, head office

Airspray International B.V.

Ivoorstraat 9

1812 RE Alkmaar

P.O. Box 1007

1810 KA Alkmaar

Tel +31 72-5414666

Tel +31 72-5470055


Florida USA, head office America

Airspray International Inc.

3768 Park Central Blvd. North Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Tel: +1 954-972-7750

Tel: +1 954-972-7797



Airspray designs, manufactures and markets innovative dispensers for consumer products. Airspray is listed at the Euronext Amsterdam. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1983, where the head office is based. All dispensers are based on using unique, patented technologies.

Airspray's dispensers are used for many different consumer products around the world. The marketing activities for Europe, Australia and Asia are coordinated from the head office in the Netherlands. All activities for North and South America are coordinated at the offices in Florida. Airspray has salespeople in most countries and throughout the U.S.

The product range of Airspray is expanding rapidly. Today, it includes over 21 variations of the instant foam pump, all working without gas propellants.

Airspray utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment. The fully automated assembly operations include in-line computer-controlled quality checks on 100% of the products. Airspray offers:

* Continuous innovation

* Automatic assembly and QA

* Largest assortment of foam pump models

* Consumer acceptance of instant foam pumps

* Consistant foam quality

* Guaranteed quality with 100% in-line QC

* Proven reliability & first class service

NEW FOR 2005:

The New Dual Foamer

The Dual Foamer is the latest addition to the innovative dispenser range of Airspray. The Dual Foamer is the next product in a newly created Dual dispensing family of products. It consists of two small foam pump systems, whereby one single actuator activates both pumps. As with Symbio, the two components remain separated until the moment of use. The Dual Foamer has an output of 0.8ml per stroke with a fixed 1:1 ratio.

The Symplicity Lotion Dispenser

Symplicity is the fourth and latest dispenser family of Airspray. It is a unique lotion dispenser that instantly differentiates in form and function. The innovative design appeals to consumers. The first generation of Symplicity has a standard neck finish of SP 28/410. The 4ml output is specifically interesting for applications that need more coverage, such as skin moisturizers, bath & shower products, shampoos and body care. Symplicity is an all-plastic pump with water-resistant capabilities. Symplicity ... Not your everyday lotion pump!
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