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Airport protesters scale Scottish Parliament roof.

Protestors scaled the roof of the Scottish Parliament yesterday, to protest against airport expansion.

A man and a woman from Plane Stupid Scotland climbed the front of the Holyrood building in Edinburgh, and occupied an area above a canopy.

They unfurled a banner which read: "Planestopping. Choose a future. Say no to airport expansion".

Plane Stupid said the protest was over the Scottish Government's consultation process for the sanctioning of major developments, including airport expansions.

The group said they felt the process was "incompatible" with the Scottish Government's current plans to mitigate climate change.

The protesters, Adam Weymouth and Matilda Gifford, both 23, got on to the roof of the Scottish Parliament just before 9am.

Mr Weymouth said: "We are facing a runaway climate threat but the Scottish Government's reaction is to triple air traffic and expand Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports whilst conveniently excluding aviation from the Scottish Climate Bill. The climate scientists have made it clear - we have to stop airport expansion.

That's why we've taken it to the top."

Plane Stupid said it was opposed to the Scottish Government's National Planning Framework proposals.

Under this, ministers would have the final say on major national developments.

Improvements to Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports are among the infrastructure schemes identified in the framework. Plane Stupid said it was against the plans as public or parliamentary approval would be "bypassed".


A man and a woman from Plane Stupid Scotland hold their rooftop protest at the Scottish Parliament
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Date:Apr 15, 2008
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