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Airport coercion; LETTERS to the EDITOR.

YOUR correspondent Eleanor Quirke makes a good point.

Airlines and airports seem to have free rein at present to coerce passengers into paying ever more in taxes, fines and surcharges.

The excuse that everybody is doing it is not good enough. It''s time the regulatory authorities stepped in to curtail their activities.

I travelled to Cornwall some weeks ago via Air Southwest and flew into Newquay airport. First, I had to pay an extra pounds 10 to BMI Baby for not checking in online - five minutes over their deadline.

Then I was informed at check-in, at Newquay airport, that, in order to pass through the departure gate, I had to pay a mandatory pounds 5 towards the airport''s expansion plan! Surely this is wrong? If I have to pay an arbitrary charge for absolutely nothing in return, I''d much rather pay into a charity than a grasping corporate plan.

The fact I used an airport doesn''t necessarily mean I want to see unchecked airport expansion. I''d much rather put a fiver towards better rail travel.

Larry Morrison, Rainhill
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 17, 2009
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