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Airport News.

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Retailers, wineries adjust to new travel restrictions. Airport retailers have shown creative responses to new travel restrictions, including replacing perfumes and liquids with toothpowder travel packs and Pepto-Bismol tablets. Meanwhile, several wineries have been tweaking their customer service practices by offering discounted shipping charges and providing travelers with free packing boxes. Aug 18, 2006

Travelers continue to fly after foiled terror plot. Travelers are continuing to fly despite last week's news of a foiled terrorist plot, but flights in the U.K. are still being delayed and canceled. Analysts say travelers are getting used to the idea that terrorism is an ongoing threat. A recent survey found the plot prompted just 11% of travelers to change near-term plans. Meanwhile, U.K. authorities are considering making permanent new restrictions on what travelers may carry on airliners. Security experts expect bans on liquids to remain in place indefinitely.

Aug 17, 2006

X-ray machine won't detect explosive liquid or gel, report says. X-ray machines used to screen travelers' shoes will not help security screeners detect liquids or gels that may be explosive, according to an April 2005 Department of Homeland Security report. The Transportation Security Agency is testing equipment to detect liquid explosives at six airports.

Aug 15, 2006

Duty-free shops on alert. On-board delivery of liquids purchased in duty-free shops may ease the retailers' losses from tough security measures, but many stores are considering contingency plans just in case the rules change. Expanding goods pick-up services in destination cities is one possible solution. Aug 14, 2006

Officials hope to prevent sweeping disruptions caused by outages. Aviation officials want to prevent power outages at major radar centers from causing massive disruptions to air travel. The Federal Aviation Administration says its radar centers will get updated computer systems that will enable them to more easily take over from another center and avoid disruption. The Air Transport Association says the current system is outdated. Aug 14, 2006

Travelers will face long lines, changing rules. Travelers will face longer security lines, restrictions on carry-on baggage and changing security rules for the next few weeks as officials determine how to examine carry-on baggage for newly banned items. A ban on liquids by the U.S. and U.K. is expected to remain in place for some time. Airlines are encouraging travelers to check bags, but they may not have enough workers on staff to properly handle the increased volume. Aug 14, 2006
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Date:Aug 21, 2006
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