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Airport News - North America.

Apr 23, 2007

TSA to increase security checks for airport workers The TSA says it will start administering more security checks for airport workers. The increased security checks are part of an effort to head off legislation requiring all airport workers to be screened each time they go to work. Apr 20, 2007

FAA wants corporate jet owners to pay more for ATC upgrade The FAA's proposal to switch the current air traffic control system to a satellite-based variation calls for changes so that corporate jets begin to foot their fair share of the bill. Apr 18, 2007

Federal government allocates billions in taxes to small airports Billions of dollars generated from taxes and fees paid by commercial airline passengers have gone to small airports used mainly by private pilots and corporate executives. Apr 16, 2007

Lounges vital as competition heats up for business travelers Airport lounges are becoming more important to airlines as competition for business travelers increases. However, passengers note that the range of service offered in the lounges varies widely among airlines. Apr 16, 2007

Restrictions on toiletries create challenges for business travelers TSA rules that limit the amount of liquids and gels allowed on commercial flights have forced many business travelers to leave their favorite after-shave lotions and hair gels behind. Some travelers refill small bottles with their own shampoo; one said he buys toiletry kits and stashes them at the hotels he frequents. Apr 16, 2007

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

Charlotte airport posts strong growth Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina is the fastest growing major airport in the U.S., according to an analysis by the Charlotte Observer. The airport served 1.7 million passengers in the six months ending February 2007, up 13% from the same period a year earlier. Apr 20, 2007

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has gamers covered Zoox Stations and RMES Communications have joined forces to bring Internet and PC games to privacy booths at Denver International Airport. The Zoox Stations cafe will have 19 PC game titles that can be played locally or online. Apr 18, 2007

Los Angeles International

Los Angeles International airport security project faces delays, higher costs A project to improve baggage screening at Los Angeles International Airport will cost more than twice initial estimates. Officials now say the project will not be completed until 2010. The delays and increased costs are the result of changing federal security requirements, officials say. Apr 17, 2007

Los Angeles International, United Airlines

Los Angeles World Airports blasted United Airlines for its plan to levy a $10 surcharge on passengers flying from LAX , saying the increase "wildly exceeds" UA's share of a "justified increase in its maintenance and operation costs." LAWA said United Airlines enplaned 4.9 million passengers at LAX last year. Assuming the same level of traffic in 2007, it would collect nearly five times the $10 million rent increase it blamed for the new policy. It said the carrier was "exploiting" the rent hike "in order to dramatically increase profits" on its LAX operation. UA did not issue a response. LAWA said it "has the right to pass along increases in its costs of operating the terminals," adding that it has "largely shouldered the increased security-related costs" since 2001. "The subsidization of these costs on behalf of the air carriers has become onerous and unfair," the airport operator concluded. Apr 16, 2007


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Apr 16, 2007
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