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Airport News - North America.

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UK Government baggage restrictions are expected to be reduced this week as a review of airline security is finalized. Reports suggest it is likely an easing of air travel rules will come into effect with the ban on liquids in hand luggage and smaller limits on the size of carryon bags reviewed. Travelers are hoping larger, bags with wheels may be permitted and some types of liquid, like contact lens solution, permitted. A meeting of government and airline industry officials is set for today (18 September). Sep 17, 2006

US House Judiciary Committee dealt a blow this week to those seeking repeal of the Wright Amendment with the removal of language in the Wright Amendment Reform Act exempting it from antitrust challenges. A variety of stakeholders including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas Love Field, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines reached a deal in June that would result in eventual repeal of the regulation but would limit opportunities at both airports for other carriers. Sep 15, 2006

Increase in checked bags strains workers, systems. The Transportation Security Administration's ban on liquids and gels on jetliners has forced many travelers to start checking their bags. The number of bags that handlers must load into planes has increased by 30%. Airlines may eventually have to hire more ground workers and upgrade bag-handling equipment. Sep 15, 2006

Senate votes to lift ceiling on number of screeners. The Senate has voted to lift the cap on the number of airport security screeners and allow the Transportation Security Administration to determine how many screeners it needs. The number of screeners is now capped at 45,000 at airports throughout the U.S. Sep 14, 2006

Pilots were advised further that if they are unsure of a taxi clearance they should seek clarification from ATC. "The advisory that was sent to pilots was related only to the information we received on the charts of Sept. 8 and is not connected to flight 5191," Miller said. The charts are issued through the US FAA and the previous chart was issued Jan. 27. Miller did not specify what the earlier chart included but said that the National Transportation Safety Board may review it as part of its ongoing investigation. Sep 13, 2006

Sept. 11 launched new era in airport security. The Sept. 11 attacks resulted in a wave of new security rules and procedures and pushed airports to develop better ways to screen travelers. Some observers say the White House is not spending enough on improving security, but companies developing security devices say eventually it may take travelers as little as 30 seconds to go through security. Sep 11, 2006


Don't want to endlessly circle the terminal roadways at Albuquerque International Sunport waiting to pick up a colleague or that significant other? Don't want to be spending money to park in a regular lot and mill around in front of security, endlessly waiting? ABQ has opened up a free cell phone waiting lot. Look for the signs. Sep 16, 2006

Albuquerque airport

Albuquerque wants Mexico service. To that end, Aviation Daily reports ABQ is offering airlines lucrative incentives to field flights from Albuquerque International Sunport to Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Cabo San Lucas and Chihuahua. Sep 16, 2006

Chicago O'Hare

Now that passenger traffic is on the rebound, Chicago O'Hare has reopened Economy Parking Lot F. A note: If you're going to use F, you'll have to board the shuttle bus to Economy Lot E - from whence you can hop the Airport Transit System (ATS) to ORD's terminals. The daily rate in Economy F is $9.00. Sep 16, 2006


FAA, controllers at odds over staffing. The crash of a Comair regional jet in Kentucky on Aug. 27 has aggravated a conflict between the Federal Aviation Administration and air traffic controllers over the staffing of airport towers. The FAA does not believe the lack of a second controller at the Lexington airport contributed to the crash, but the controllers' union says an additional controller might have noticed that the plane turned on to the wrong runway before it crashed. Sep 11, 2006

Dallas Love Field

House panel says no antitrust immunity for Wright compromise. The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved legislation to end flight restrictions at Dallas Love Field after eliminating provisions protecting the agreement from antitrust challenges. Some lawmakers say the agreement will be useless without the immunity. Sep 14, 2006


Florida airport controversy could impact developer's plan. Industrial giant St. Joe Co. is using the land it has accumulated in Florida to enter the real estate business. However, a proposal to build a new airport near Panama City has created controversy and could affect the company's effort to transform part of its property into high-end resorts and planned communities. The business community supports the airport, but critics say the airport isn't needed and note that its construction would destroy 1,500 acres of wetlands. Sep 14, 2006

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport began reconstruction of Runway 8R-26L, the north departure runway, on Friday. Work on the 10,000-ft. runway will continue for 60 days during which time departure capacity will drop. Flight delays are "possible," the airport said. The project will cost around $90 million and is being funded by passenger facility charges. Sep 12, 2006

Kentucky airport

Kentucky lawmaker calls for inquiry on ATC staffing. Democratic Rep. Ben Chandler, who represents the Lexington, Ky., area, where Comair Flight 5191 crashed last month, is calling for an inquiry into Federal Aviation Administration air-traffic control staffing policies. The House will hold a public hearing on air-traffic control issues next week. The FAA says staffing levels at airports in Lexington and Louisville, Ky., are adequate. Sep 15, 2006

Kentucky airport

Kentucky airport delays runway paving. Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky., is postponing completion of a runway project for a month while federal investigators probe last month's crash of Comair Flight 5191. Investigators are looking into the role the airport construction may have played in the fatal crash. The family of a victim joined federal officials in requesting a construction delay, saying some evidence related to the crash would be lost if work proceeded. Sep 14, 2006

Los Angeles

New service combines remote check-in, shuttle. A new service in the Los Angeles area combines remote baggage check-in with an airport shuttle service. At the Van Nuys FlyAway park-and-ride in San Fernando Valley, travelers pay $5 to check up to two bags, print out their airline tickets and board a bus bound for Los Angeles International Airport, where they are dropped off near the security checkpoint. Sep 11, 2006

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport is completely wireless now. You can link up with wireless high-speed Internet anywhere in the terminal complex. Unlike some airports which offer the service free, at OKC you're going to have to pay: $6.95 per day. Sep 16, 2006

Phoenix Sky Harbor

You only wish all airports were so perceptive, especially now when everybody's gone shoeless at security. Phoenix Sky Harbor International offers Sky Slippers to passengers at the security checkpoint Hawaiian Airlines has moved from Terminal 4 at Phoenix over to Terminal 3. The carrier fields nonstop Honolulu service from Gate 5 on the South Concourse. Sep 16, 2006

Washington Dulles

Washington Dulles unveils plans for AeroTrain. A new $1.3 billion AeroTrain system at Washington Dulles International Airport will connect the main terminal to airfield concourses starting in 2009. The system is an underground automated train with 10 stations and 63 cars and includes a new security mezzanine under the main terminal. Sep 15, 2006
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