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Airport News - Asia / Pacific.

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Asian Airports Ban Liquids On Flights To UK, US. Authorities stepped up airport security across Asia on Friday and banned passengers to the United States and Britain from taking liquids aboard after London said it foiled a plot to blow up transatlantic flights. Thai Airways followed the British lead by banning hand baggage on flights to the UK and limiting passengers to a few, select items to be carried in transparent plastic bags. To the United States, it allowed bags as long as they contained no liquids, gels or electronic equipment. India and New Zealand imposed similar measures as flights were delayed and long queues formed at airports around Asia because of the new security measures, which include frisking and intensive baggage checks. Indian officials said quick-reaction police teams, armed with light machine guns, stood guard at various airports and plainclothes police were mingling with passengers to check for suspicious characters. Aug 11, 2006

Bangkok airport

Bangkok's delay-plagued Suvarnabhumi Airport is slated to get its first regularly scheduled flight this September. The new airport in theory will be able to handle 45 million passengers per year. The current position is that restricted domestic flights should start from the new Suvarnabhumi airport on Thursday September 28 with the existing Don Muang closing down two weeks later when international services move. Charter, VIP, private and military flights will continue for the time being at Don Muang. Aug 9, 2006 Singapore airport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore advised those flying to the United States and United Kingdom to check in at least three hours before departure, to allow time for security. China's Xinhua news agency said Beijing Airport had banned passengers bound for the United States from taking liquid items such as drinks, shampoos, hair gels, and toothpaste in their hand luggage, adding that passengers would be required to take off their shoes for a check. In Japan, liquids and gels were banned from carry-on bags for passengers taking flights on US airlines or flights bound for the United States, a spokesman for Tokyo's Narita International Airport said. Aug 11, 2006
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