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Airport Hangar 4 Repair Project.

Tenders are invited for Airport Hangar 4 Repair Project

The work generally consists of providing, constructing, and installing, complete in place: *Saw cut, remove and replace approximately 370-square feet of interior and exterior reinforced concrete slab; *Repair horizontal steel reinforcing rods through four support pier locations; *Backfill and compact soil base at repair areas to support slabs, and to provide drainage slope along two sides of existing building perimeter.

Bidder Agrees To Perform All The Work Described In The Contract Documents For The Listed Price For Each Type Of Work. No Materials, Additional Design, Or Labor Will Be Furnished By Fremont County. Contractor Shall Provide All Materials, Delivery, Additional Design, Excavation, Site Preparation, Construction, Installation, Select Backfill, Compaction, Formwork, Dewatering, Erosion Control Measures, Traffic Control, Required Bonds, Insurance, Mobilization, Incidentals, And Project Closeout Requirements. Fremont County Will Provide The Required Building Permit To The Contractor Prior To The Notice To Proceed. Bidder Is Responsible For Field Verification Of All Dimensions And Site Conditions Prior To Submitting Any Bid. The Work Shall Generally Consist Of Providing, Constructing, And Installing The Following, Complete In Place, Including All Appurtenances And Incidentals Necessary For Fully Functional Facilities Serving Their Intended Purposes: *Removal By Saw Cut, And Replacement Of Approximately 100-square Feet Of Reinforced Concrete Slab Surrounding Four Existing Foundation Piers That Support A 90x70 Steel-framed Aircraft Hangar. Work Includes Both Interior Floor And Exterior Sidewalk. *Excavation Of Soil And Concrete Surrounding Reinforcing Bars To Provide Sufficient Work Area, Drilling Through Four Reinforced Concrete Piers, Installing Threaded Rods And Connectors, Installing Compacted Backfill, And Extending Sub-surface Concrete Beams To Repair Reinforcing Bars As Shown On The Plans. *Removal By Saw Cut Of Approximately 270-square Feet Of Reinforced Concrete Slab Outside The Hangar Entrance, Backfill Subsurface Voids With Class 6 Compacted Road Base, And Replace Reinforced Concrete Slab. *Add Fill, Re-grade And Compact Building Exterior On Two Sides To Provide Positive Site Drainage. Separate Descriptive Specifications Are Not Provided For This Project. Bidder Must Rely On The Drawing Sheets, Sheet Notes, Bid Schedule Descriptions, And Code Requirements In Preparation Of His Bid And In Performance Of The Construction Of This Project.etc.

Pre-Bid Meeting 3:00 P.M. February 10, 2016

Major organization : FREMONT COUNTY

Address : Administration Building,

615 Macon Ave., Room 106,

Caon City, Colorado 81212,

Attn: Sugars

Country :United States

Url :

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-03-02

Tender documents : T31622304.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 22, 2016
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