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Airplan paves way for PNG.

The expertise in airport pavements developed by Australian aviation and airports consultancy, Airplan, is contributing to an Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) funded project to implement a further improvement programme for Papua New Guinea's (PNG's) airports.

Airplan's principal pavement engineer, Craig Campbell, is a member of the multi disciplinary team which completed the design for a three-year project to address the maintenance and restoration needs of PNG's airports. The AusAID project follows on from the current Airports Maintenance and Upgrading Project (AMUP) which concludes in June this year.

PNG has a total of 452 airports and airstrips which range from small rural landing strips and main provincial airports to Jackson's International Airport in Port Moresby.

PNG's airports infrastructure was included as one of six priority sectors in the PNG-Australia Development Cooperation Program considering that maintenance of essential infrastructure is vital to promoting economic growth and development, and access by rural communities to health and education services.

PNG's Office of Civil Aviation has been concerned about the cumulative effect on the infrastructure of not maintaining aerodrome and airport facilities as a result of under funding. Since 1997, AusAID has assisted with over $30 million for runway maintenance at major national airports.

"There was a serious lack of maintenance at some airports which has resulted in restrictions on operations, and is some cases closures," said Campbell. "Emergency works and rehabilitation works have become standard practice in place of routine and preventative maintenance."

The new AusAID PNG airports infrastructure project involves input from an Australasian consulting team comprising Spencer Golding & Associates Ltd, MDG Pty Ltd, ACIL Australia Pty Ltd and Airplan.
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Date:Apr 1, 2000
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