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Airlink Mobile's Powerlink Offers Unlimited Cell Minutes to the Credit Challenged Through Via One's Prepay Point POSA Platform.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- With thirty-seven million Americans living below the poverty line according to the Center for American Progress and American's owing over $813 billion in credit card debt, Powerlink Unlimited, Airlink Mobile's revolutionary new prepaid unlimited anytime talk calling plans are setting a new standard for people who need a cellular phone but have little to no credit.

Powerlink Unlimited offers prepaid unlimited anytime talk calling plans starting at $24 enabling people to have the same freedom of Unlimited talk calling plans without a credit check or long term contract as offered by other carriers such as Verizon and Cingular.

"Via One has played a significant roll in optimizing the growth of our prepaid offering and we are very excited about the new role they will play in our Powerlink Unlimited program. Nearly forty percent of those who apply for post paid contracts are denied credit by the major carriers," said David Stanek, President & CEO of Airlink Mobile. "That's outrageous. Everybody deserves to have a cell phone with unlimited minutes, and Powerlink makes that happen."

The Partnership with Via One provides independent merchants a turn key POS system immediate access to unlimited virtual inventory of prepaid top up payment processing, and have real time access to all sales and transaction data. Partners and retailers also have access to a powerful reporting and management portal for real time access to sales and commissions.

Airlink Mobile's new unlimited anytime talk plan offers nationwide coverage with no roaming and U.S. long distance on a pay-as-you-go basis. The prepaid wireless market has seen exponential growth in recent years, and this new plan is an extension of unlimited plans to a massive customer base that includes consumers with no credit, bad credit, immigrants, students, youth or anyone who wants the freedom of a robust wireless phone without the restrictions of traditional post-paid contract billing systems.

Unlike the regional unlimited providers that have small local calling areas and spotty coverage, Powerlink Unlimited has no restrictions on the consumers' home calling area. For the first time, consumers can travel coast to coast on the nations largest all digital calling network with no roaming or long distance charges.

"Our new prepaid phones give people unlimited minutes with unlimited freedom, and absolutely no hassle or questions," adds Stanek.

In addition to unlimited calling, Powerlink also offers traditional services such as SMS Text Messaging, Picture Messaging, 411, Mobile Web and International dialing. Powerlink also features ultra-aggressive international calling rates to Latin America that include pricing to Mexico starting at just 4 cents per minute with no additional fees, airtime charges, or surcharges.

Powerlink Unlimited carries leading global handset providers, including LG and Samsung. The lineup includes the best color flip phones, camera phones, and Bluetooth enabled phones.

"Powerlink represents the future of cell phones," said Stanek. "Because we meet the needs of people the other carriers ignore, we are going to see another record-breaking year for profits."

AirLink Mobile is a leading provider of nationwide wireless products and services, and is committed to offering its customers an exciting alternative for purchasing wireless services. Customers receive the ultimate flexibility from a wireless service provider on a pay-as-you-go basis, without credit checks or long-term contracts. Ask for a Powerlink Prepaid calling plan at your local wireless dealer or visit for more information.

Via One Corporation is a global point of sale processor of electronic prepaid products and services and a provider of enhanced mobile services for global communications and commerce. The Company operates a proprietary e-merchant services platform which is one of a limited number of platforms in the industry that offers a complete solution for electronic distribution of prepaid airtime, equipment sales, service activations and bill payments.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 12, 2008
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