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Airline operators to take legal action against Nigerian government.


The Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) is reportedly planning legal action against the federal government, concerning the suspension of all BAC 1-11 aircraft and those aircraft over 22 years old.

The decision to sue the government was made during an emergency meeting of the AON on Wednesday (22 May). The organisation - which has also decided to increase fares by NGN10,000 on some routes - opted for legal action after statistics showed no problems with the BAC 1-11 aircraft or with aircraft aged over 22 years.

On 14 May, the government issued an immediate ban on all airlines with a fleet of only one aircraft. However, it has reportedly now set a six-month grace period, allowing airlines to either increase their fleet or cease operations.

The AON will ask the government to extend this period to one year, reported This Day.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:May 23, 2002
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