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Airline blacklist released in France.


The French civil aviation authority published late Sunday (28 August) a list of six airlines that are not permitted to land on French soil.

The carriers are from Thailand, the US Virgin Islands, North Korea, Mozambique and Liberia, and have been banned due to safety concerns.

The publication of the blacklist follows five recent aircraft accidents, including the crash of a West Caribbean Airways charter flight in Venezuela which killed 152 French citizens from the Caribbean island of Martinique.

The airlines barred from operating in France are North Korea's Air Koryo, Air St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands, International Air Services of Liberia, Thailand's Phuket Airlines, and two carriers from Mozambique - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique and Transairways.

A list of airlines banned from Belgium was expected to be published on Monday (29 August).

The European Union stated on Friday (26 August) that it hoped to publish a similar airline blacklist early in 2006. The EU's Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot has welcomed the publication of the lists by France and Belgium.

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